Who is a leader? How Are Leaders Different From Their Followers?

Who is a leader?

How are great leaders different from the rest?

John C. Maxwell said, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.”

Being a leader is not about position or title but rather about action. Here are some ways leaders should be differentiate themselves from their followers:

Driven by principles

A leader should be principle centered. His life, behavior and attitude should be governed by a set of principles. His followers are attracted to his principles.

Understanding and considerate

Leaders should be understanding and considerate to their followers and everyone else. He should have a thorough knowledge about human psychology and should lead by showing unconditional love, kindness, acceptance and favor. He should understand the basic needs and desires of his followers, and use it to motivate them.

Should lead in ideas

Good leaders should encourage out of the box thinking. He should be able to think, validate and take the right decisions.

Dynamic personality

Good leaders should have a dynamic personality. He should know to handle challenges in a calm, mature and pleasant manner. At the same time, he should be strict and firm in certain things. A fine blend of both will help him lead effectively in all circumstances and with all types of people.


A leader should have a great deal of perseverance. Sometimes, it takes patience and skill to get results.

Takes responsibility

A leader should not play the blame game. He should take responsibility for his team`s actions. Great leaders accept responsibility and give credit where it is due.

Be willing to take risks

A leader should be willing to take risks. Sometimes, playing it safe is the biggest risk one can take. Great leaders are brave, courageous, and are willing to take calculated risks.

These are just some of the characteristics that differentiate a leader from a follower. Are you a leader or a follower?


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