How To Manage Your Time?

Time is one of the greatest assets that we have. One of the most important skills is to learn how to manage your time.

Every day, we receive a free gift of 86,400 seconds to bank upon. We ought to make the best use of it and also use it to develop our skills and bring forth great fruits. But, most people give out excuses saying, “I am too busy. I don’t have time.”

The truth is that the people who succeed and do great things in life have the same amount of time in a day as a person who sits back with excuses. The difference lies on ‘how’ we utilize this resource. Here are some important keys to keep track of our time and thereby make the most of every minute:

Follow a schedule

This might sound a little strange but, if we follow a schedule for our life, it will help us keep track of every passing hour. From the instant you get up till you go to bed, if you follow a set pattern, you will get into a routine which will enable you to lead a fruitful life as there will be minimal waste of time. If you want to know how to manage your time, then following a schedule is absolutely important.

Make time for yourself everyday

The most common thing that most people neglect because of their busy schedule is to take time for themselves. They are always running here and there, working, taking care of the family needs and so on. But, it’s important to set aside at least fifteen to thirty minutes every day to go through some resources to sharpen your skills, to work on your talents and hobbies, to do some exercise to keep your body fit and to relax and renew your mind.

Pay attention to what you watch

If we are serious about leading a purposeful and fruitful life, we must pay attention to what we ‘watch.’ In other words, we must be careful about what we look at, play or listen. We should refrain from watching movies or listening to songs or playing the games that are polluting our minds, poisoning us and leading us in the wrong direction. Studies show that most terrorists were influenced by the kind of movies they watched or the games they played. We should watch good programs that build us up and listen to nice songs that put our feet up.

Keep it under control

There is no problem when you take some time out and go with friends or watch a late night movie or play a game on the internet. But, it becomes a problem when that is all that you do most of the time. I know some people who waste countless hours on the internet or get glued to their smart phones and watch movie after movie EVERYDAY. You should be careful and not allow any of these things to take control of you.

Show me your friend

An old saying goes like this, “show me your friend and I will tell you where you will go in life”. It’s very true. We should be careful about the kind of people we are associating with all the time because the people around us play a major role in our destiny. If your friends are lazy, leading a sloppy life with no vision and are always being negative and complaining, it’s high time you said goodbye. Your time is too precious to sit around with the wrong people.

Make new friends and associate with people who have a purpose in their life. Stay around people who motivate you, build you and speak words of encouragement to pursue your dreams and goals. When you are with the right people, you will reach the right place in life.

How to manage your time is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself.


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