How To Make The Most Out of Networking Events

Networking events can be any event where you have an opportunity to network and build connections. Business conferences, wine tastings, a charity ball, product launches and trade shows are great places to network. Attending these events can be a lot of fun and gets you connected to your peers in the local market. They are great opportunities for networking and learning. These conferences throw open a wide range of opportunities for you to be informed about the latest trends and strategies, get new information and most importantly to make new contacts for your business.

Yes, a day-long conference may be tiresome, with back-to-back sessions and loads of new people to meet. Sometimes we tend to use the work networking events

Here are some ways to make the most out of your conference.

Be visible

Don’t be just one of the hundreds or thousands of folks attending the session. Look out for opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Once you get to know about the conference, see if you can be a speaker or a facilitator. When you take up such roles, it will be easier for you to meet and make new contacts.

Build relationships

You should not only exchange business cards, but also make an effort to get to know them. Find people with whom you foresee business dealings. Try to spend time with them by going out for dinner or a cup of tea. Interact with attendees and look out for opportunities to strike conversations with them.

Take notes

What’s the use of attending a conference if you don’t remember what you learned from it? You might come across so many new things and gain a lot of information. It’s best to note them down as a list or ‘take away’ so that you could go through them later, and act on them. Sometimes, it’s just one idea that can give you disproportionate results.

Grab every opportunity to interact

Conferences provide you opportunities to interact with people just like you. Some people say that such ‘socializing moments‘ are more important than the actual sessions of the business conference. Just one right connection can dramatically change your life. So, during breaks and waiting periods, make use of that time to interact.

Connect with speakers

Speakers are usually experts in their field. And they usually speak at several conferences. Getting to know them might give you access to their network and their expertise.

Follow-up after the event

After you return from the event, make sure that you make a friendly follow up with all the contacts that you have made. You would have got loads of business cards; do a follow-up with them by sending them a mail or calling them over the phone or meeting up with them.

Put it into practice

You would have received a lot of information at the conference. Share this with your colleagues, and team members and try incorporating something new in your organization.

Attending at least 3 business conferences a year can give you a consistent supply of new information and connections. Check out our upcoming conferences on our events page, click here.

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