Marketing Trends Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About

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Marketing is a continuous business process; you don’t just promote your brand only once and be done with it; you have to continually cultivate your marketing efforts to reinforce your brand authority and presence. This inherent nature of marketing presents a problem to many entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers in keeping up with market trends while chasing consistent results.

The marketing arena keeps changing and evolving, thanks to new technology, cultural trends, and dynamic consumer behavior. Some marketing strategies that worked flawlessly only a few years ago are no longer relevant in today’s market. Every business has to keep an eye out for these critical shifts in trends to maintain an effective marketing plan. Here are a few modern marketing trends that every business leader and marketer ought to know.

Marketing Personalization

Marketing personalization is not exactly a new concept; businesses have been personalizing marketing emails and messages for years now. But personalization has jumped to the next level over the past few years. The market is demanding more finely-tuned marketing strategies as opposed to generic approaches.

Personalization goes beyond targeted marketing; it’s about customizing marketing content for every single potential consumer or market segment. Intelligent marketing tools are currently helping many businesses personalize marketing content by studying consumer behavior and preferences through sophisticated data analysis.

Some of these tools can be integrated into e-commerce platforms to automatically vary the content and presentation depending on the visitor browsing the site. It’s incredible how seriously firms are taking personalization and customer experience.  


Storytelling is often disregarded or ignored as a marketing aid. The truth is, if done properly, storytelling has the potential to promote brand awareness in unimaginable ways. Many top brands use storytelling to spread their mission, goals, and objectives to vast audiences.

Mark Crumpacker, an entrepreneur and digital marketer with over 25 years of experience in the marketing field, is a firm believer in the power of storytelling. Through the years, he has overseen the long-term marketing plans of several highly successful brands, of which he was awarded several coveted advertising honors and recognition. In his view, storytelling is a crucial part of marketing; it’s only that some businesses don’t realize its potential.

Basically, storytelling is all about taking your audience on an informative journey about your brand or products and services. The goal is to instill emotions and change people’s opinions in a way that motivates action.  

Digital Transformations

The tech landscape changes fast and frequently. Now and then, some of these changes are big enough to cause rippling disruptions all over the business environment. As a business owner, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with disruptive technologies, and not only that but also take advantage of them as well.  

Today, some of the trendy technologies affecting digital marketing include voice search, keyword competitiveness, ad psychology, mobile marketing, and artificial intelligence, among many others. Such innovations often mean adjusting marketing efforts in one way or another. Digital marketing is highly volatile; only those who acknowledge and adopt the latest methods and innovation stand a chance at remaining competitive in the digital space.

Insight-Driven Marketing

There are many powerful marketing tools at the disposal of businesses. Some of the most popular tools are intelligent data-driven analytic solutions. These systems analyze vast amounts of data generated both within and outside the organization to identify hidden trends in various market segments. Marketers and business owners can then use the generated insights to inform business decisions, particularly concerning marketing, product development, distribution, pricing, and branding. 

Insight-driven marketing techniques help businesses gauge their marketing performance, fine-tune marketing efforts, and even predict future market status and consumer behavior. This is achieved by putting numerous business and market variables together and determining their relationships. 

Emphasis on Social Media

According to Statista, the number of social media users on the globe is just shy of 3 billion people. The number keeps rising as the internet continues to penetrate more and more remote parts of the world. For this reason, social media presents a unique opportunity for businesses to reach massive remote audiences with ease.  

Social media is an excellent platform to launch aggressively targeted marketing campaigns, both paid and organic. What’s more, social platforms are growing more appreciative of marketing intentions, and are continuously providing new methods and tools to promote businesses. More importantly, social media platforms are data-rich with useful information that lets businesses track and monitor their marketing metrics to measure their efforts’ effectiveness and also predict marketing RIO.    

Marketing is not easy and yet is a critical business process. The online scene has become a vibrant channel where businesses can interact with consumers and trade endlessly. However, the online space grows more crowded every day as new brands enter the market. This means that competition among businesses grows exponentially. So, in conclusion, the need for more effective marketing efforts increases with each passing day. Identifying and keeping up with marketing trends can make all the difference in the effectiveness of your marketing plan.


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