Mobile Marketing: Don’t Miss Out on Your Valued Mobile Users

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We all wake up to our mobile phones. Mobiles have become the essence of our social existence. There’s nothing that a smartphone is incapable of doing for us. Research shows that people find it better to check their emails on their phones while on the go, along with attending to other social media activities. That, and browsing. People rarely prefer opening their computers if there’s something that can be done so easily, and anywhere, with their phones. That is why mobile email marketing and mobile responsiveness has gained so much importance today.

Mobile users make up most of your subscribers, or potential subscribers, and you definitely do not want to miss them. While most of us have recognized the importance of mobile marketing and designed our websites accordingly, there are always issues that we face here and there with mobile marketing.

Even if your site works great on most devices, there will always be some issues that arise with other platforms. The most difficult thing to deal with is people who might not get to your sign-up box even if they try to, because the entire page shrinks into a small space that makes it difficult to display that little box that holds so much value.

Also, no matter how mobile-responsive your website is, there will always be some links that take longer to load…and that’s enough to piss your readers off. There are several other things to consider when you step into mobile email marketing. All you want to do is give your readers a good experience, every time they visit you, from any device. There are a few things that you can take care of to get ahead of the game.

A Good Email Marketing Design

You want to give your readers a completely happy experience when they visit your site. You also want them to be able to sign up to your list even from their mobile devices. There are plenty of email marketing designs available and you ought to make the right choice. It’s always a good idea to spend a few bucks more on a good email marketing design that will work well on all mobile devices. It’s going to be an investment that you will never regret.

Use Fewer Links

Even if you’ve got a great mobile responsive site, the speed and quality of it working on your reader’s mobile will always depend a lot on the service provider he or she is using. It can really be a task if there are a lot of links to click and they’re compressed into the little space on their mobile screens. It can get very frustrating if your reader is not able to click on the desired link in one go. And if this continues, they might just give up. The trick is to use fewer links, and not place them very close to each other to improve ease of access.

Alt Text on Images

Another important thing, especially with mobile email marketing, is to use proper alternate texts for your images. If there are some images in your emails, or your website, sometimes they can be difficult to load on some devices. This is usually not a problem if people are reading your emails on a computer. Alternate texts are a brief description of the image that’s being used; It’s a way to help people understand what the image is about, in case it doesn’t show up properly on their phones. It is very important to use appropriate alternate texts. This also has an advantage for folks doing organic searches. People will land on your page if they’re searching for an image with the same exact words.

Placement of Your Sign-Up Box

When you aim to build a strong email list, you want people to sign up. When folks sign up, you can email them to share valuable content. That’s where the placement of your email sign-up box comes into play. You don’t want mobile users to miss your sign-up box! Make your sign-up box obvious for visitors to notice; not on the top, not at the bottom, but in the center or any other prominent place.

Accessing emails on mobiles has become very easy and comfortable for people. It is the second most important activity that people prefer to do with their mobile, after attending to social media and browsing. If you’ve got a good, responsive site and you’ve taken care to give your readers a fine experience and ensure easy signing-up to your email list, you’re good to go. Email marketing requires a few considerations when you’re starting, but once you’ve put everything into place, the returns it offers are worth the effort.


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