Now Work Smart, Right from Your Gmail With Hiver

Now work smart with Hiver

Everything you need to run your business from your Gmail account is here. Hiver, the US based software product has been designed to enable you to run your business effortlessly and collaborate your Gmail in a way that all your activities come together under one tool.

What makes Hiver different from other software? It empowers your Gmail. It is a cost effective and very relaxed way to get things done from your employees without having to sign up or create multiple accounts.

Hiver, developed in September 2015 by the renowned software giant, Grexlt is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems. Because of its user friendliness, it is becoming popular with businesses that want to collaborate their Gmail for ease.

There always exist quite a few uncertainties in your mind before you actually start using a software tool. In this article, let us try to scrutinize the aces and rip-offs of Hiver.


#1 You now have an option for shared mailboxes, where you can access shared mails and easily track tasks assigned to your team members.

#2 You can share Gmail labels with your team, which can be accessed by them within seconds. In response, they too can share labels about the status of the task assigned to them.

For instance, if you want to share an email with a selected set of people, all you need to do is add a label and share it with them.

#3 Now share your Google contacts with all those who use Gmail or Google Apps. It not only enables you share contact groups with your colleagues, but also updates them with any changes done to the contact groups.Your colleagues can also track any changes made to the details, notes or custom fields once you have shared a Google contact via Hiver. That too, within seconds

#4 Now scheduling your emails is just a click away. With Hiver, you can schedule your emails to be sent at a later date or time. Just save your emails into drafts and set a command. Your emails will be automatically sent to all the recipients as and when you decide.

#5 Hiver also allows you to set reminders for important emails and upcoming tasks. You can direct your Gmail to pop in important emails to your mailbox at a future time when you would need them.

This is an easy way to remember and follow up on important emails and upcoming tasks.

#6 You can also add notes to your emails. A small pop up will enable you write comments on your email. Also, it is up to you whom you want to share it with. It is a quick way to add any information or instruction that you might have missed in your email.

#7 Now add templates to your Gmail so you don’t have to write emails repetitively. Use readily available templates and set your own templates. It is a cool way to send important emails without having to recreate a format for the same.

14-Day Free Trial

Hiver is friendly to your pocket and fits in your budget. Shared inbox and support services are available for free for the first 14 days.

Beyond the trial period, it charges $6 per user up to ten users, plus $8 per month. For up to 50 users, the charges would be $12 per user, along with an additional $14 per month. And, if you have more than 50 users, you can negotiate for a customized pricing with Hiver.

Please click here for pricing details.


Hiver is being used by many companies now and is a very handy tool for email collaboration and sharing inboxes at your workplace.

The reviews posted by Hiver users are truly convincing. Users are more than content with this cool service and want to use more such dependable tools which make conducting their business easy.

With more pluses than minuses, Hiver is a product that I would recommend. To download Hiver, click here


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