What Are the Differences Between Paid and Non-Paid Website Traffic Checker Tools?

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The website traffic checker tool is the primary weapon that can determine your website’s average working progress as well as the competitors’.

Many of us now want to use these types of tools for measuring up our website progression. If you are a new website handler, then these tools are an essential must-have that will help you to calculate the website activity. These SEO tools will also help you to manipulate the future development of your website.

At any online platform, you can find many paid and free tools. If you are focusing on organic traffic, and this is the first time you have handled a website, then the free tools can work well for you.

The website traffic checkers will help you understand the appropriate keyword usage. You will get data on the keywords that are generating the most organic traffic, and this data will help you refine your plan to increase the amount of website traffic you are attracting.

Difference Between Paid And Non-Paid Website Traffic Checker Tools

If we are talking about paid and non-paid traffic checker tools, then the audiences are strictly divided into two parts.

One group of people is supporting paid tools. The other group has fixed their minds on non-paid tools. But before choosing which path you would like, we should look at the differences between the paid and non-paid traffic checker tools.

Paid Website Traffic Checker Tools

Every website traffic checker tool will help you optimize your website’s performance.

The website performance-measuring instruments will help you to do the proper analysis of the page’s overall performance. There are several reasons why paid website traffic checkers have some extra undefeated qualities that can be highly valuable to companies that own websites.

Here are some of the benefits of using paid website traffic checker tools.

1. Distinguishing Original Buyers

The paid traffic checker tools are specially designed for businesses to distinguish real buyers.  They share the data of the people who are interested and want to buy the item. That means more confirmed data are shared by the paid tools. More confirmation of the buyers means more chances to generate revenue and profit. 

The paid traffic checker tools analyze the customer-based data using some parameters like customers behavior, frequently visited page, regularly visited advertisements, shared video type, etc. The more robust paid tool means the more confident usage of the AI platform. The analyzing factors are quite authentic, so the buyers of the products are also becoming authentic.

The paid checker tool is always charging per click as the data of the buyers show.

2. Providing Concrete and Instant Results

The concrete and instant result means more prospects and interested candidates. The organic method will give more data, but the confirmed buyer’s percentages are not confirmed. The instant result publishing is the main criteria among all paid tools, as these tools charge money per search. When you stop to avail of the paid tools, you can only have access to one short-term result.

If you are using any paid tool, then it provides the local search audit metrics also. That means the paid tools are also applicable whenever you are doing business in the local area market. The authentic and instant result is the key factor that is provided by the paid tools.

3. Supporting Other Marketing Channels

The paid services always generate the result after analyzing the relevant keywords; most searched keywords even demographic structure. After using that much of the parameter, tools will generate the most factual data with actionable comments. These data will be useful to every marketer in planning for their next move.

Computer analysis is the best way by which you can generate the most authentic and most searched keywords. The alternative marketing channels and the other competitor’s strategy analysis is becoming easier than the organic searching methods. The keywords are always the best method that will bring up the light on the competitor’s marketing platforms.

4. Offering Most Searched Keywords

You can count this quality as an advantage and disadvantage in both ways. That means the paid tools will only provide the confirmed results, but what about the interested candidate’s impact, which they do not publish as they are focusing on secure and fast results.

Then no possibility of which tools can help you to generate the future candidate’s data result. These tools will help you to rank your website. It will help you to grow your website and create an image and for that, you will be able to know the customer service advantages in a short time and disadvantages also.

But these tools are highly qualified when you are focusing on generating the most searched keywords. The keyword’s accuracy level is very high among the paid tools.

Non-Paid Website Traffic Checker Tools

The non-paid website traffic checker tools mainly generate the result as per the organic-based output.

The startup website handlers are more prone to use these tools. If we are talking about the traffic checker tool, then we cannot deny one thing. The most popular traffic checker Google Analytics is also a free platform. 

Let’s examine the following qualities of most non-paid website traffic checker tools.

1. More Time to Perform Is Required

Non paid Traffic Checker Tools Need More Time To Perform

The free traffic checker tools need more time to perform means as they are publishing the whole list of prospective clients.

Another point is if you stop using the organic method, then the process of revival is almost impossible to make. If you are already an existing marketer and then you want to develop an SEO strategy, then these non-paid tools can help you to analyze the data.

In the organic method, traffic checker tools are working on the basis of content marketing. Content marketing works best for those who are willing to invest for long-term results.

2. SEO-Related Skill Set Is Important

SEO skill is almost an essential skill to perform in a non-paid tool as these non-paid tools cannot produce the confirmed keywords and the approved list of the buyers.

The SEO skill set is needed here to find out the appropriate keywords and to publish the confirmed buyer’s list. The non-paid tools also produce actionable comments, which make a significant impact on any page’s SEO.

Organic search methods and free traffic checker tools are always needed to check the SEO auditing techniques. To check these metrics and for other tools to perform the organic search required the SEO-related skill set. The basic HTML tags, microdata tagging, rendering, etc., have to be manually analyzed by the SEO professional, which is already automatically done by the paid tools.

3. Less Budget Side

If you see the budget side, we only can tell you one thing if you are counting the tool’s fees; then it might be free. But other than the device, you also have to take help from other sources.

For example, you have to invest in your SEO, proper keywords, etc. The less budget side is correct because, at the primary level, you don’t have to pay for the tools. But the free tools are the best tools when you are just doing any existing business means the brand name and the product type is already known from the customer’s or viewer’s side.

The new product and if you are doing any promotional products, then the non-paid tools are not proved as successful as the paid tools. The non-paid tools are typically on the low-budget side because they are not publishing the full metric side of the optimization. Only the pictorial representation of the analysis report will be more readily understandable. The return on your investment will surely get on the profitable side if you are prepared to invest in your SEO. 

4. Publish the Result Of Interested Candidates Also

Publish the Result Of Interested Candidates Also

The nonpaid tools are more efficient when they are focusing on the visitors of your websites. The daily viewer’s post per like and the other overview-related analysis report are more accurate. They do not publish the confirmed buyer’s list.

 These tools publish an overall optimization result, which will help you find the future potential viewers and followers of your page. The feature action analyzes more accurately with the help of the non-paid tools.


The paid and non-paid tools are both required if you want to get the return of your full investment efforts.

In a nutshell, if you are establishing any website, then search engine optimization is necessary to find out the full details about metrics, trends, upcoming trends, etc. Make sure that you use different kinds of tools that can help boost your ranking, and monitor the activities of your website. 


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