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One of the most common defining characteristics of great leaders is their commitment to lifelong learning.

Leadership and management podcasts are great resources for helping you to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, acquire new strategies, and find ways to overcome challenges.

Easy to listen to as part of your daily routine, podcasts are a great choice for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills. Here are the top 10 leadership and management podcasts you won’t want to miss.

1. What Great Bosses Know

This popular podcast was started in February 2016. Hosted by Jill Geisler, ‘What Great Bosses Know’; is the ideal leadership and management podcast for leaders who are looking to truly improve their practice. The podcast builds on the success of the ‘What Great Bosses Know’ series by Jill Geisler.

With plenty of experience, including having spent several years leading the management and leadership programs at the Poynter Institute, Geisler successfully continues to coach and train many leaders from across the globe.

Each week the podcast focuses on a specific topic or question that contemporary leaders are struggling with within the workplace. However, core topics focus on the themes of leadership, trust, and communication. What makes this podcast so relevant is its applicability. Throughout the episodes Geisler successfully offers listeners practical advice that they can learn from and implement in their own workplaces, helping to transform them from good leaders, into great ones.

2. The $100 MBA

If you’re looking for an informative, but the short podcast that you can easily listen to within your busy daily schedule, then ‘The $100 MBA’ is the podcast for you.

Each episode is only 10 minutes long, making it the ideal choice for busy leaders who want to improve their leadership and management skills. 

The podcast is hosted by Omar Zenhom, who has over 14 years of experience in the business world. In each episode, Zenhom successfully tackles a focused topic within the business industry and shares the lessons learned by real-life successful business managers and owners.

The podcast covers a range of topics, including increasing productivity, hiring, product development, and how to get on to the conference circuit.

3. Beyond The To-Do List

As a manager or leader, chances are you’re accustomed to creating to-do lists. Goal setting is an important part of a managerial or leadership position.

Many of the podcasts that deal with management and leadership tend to cover the topic. However, what actually happens once you’ve set those goals? How can you go about actually achieving them and taking the necessary actions to realize them?

In ‘Beyond the To-Do List’, host Erik Fisher, discusses this very issue with real people. In it, people share the strategies that they use in both their personal lives, as well as in the workplace to improve their productivity and help to ensure that they actually succeed at meeting the goals they have set for themselves. 

Moreover, the podcast is filled with inspiring and actionable ideas for implementing your to-do lists in the workplace. From learning how to choose the right projects or tasks to tackle first, to set the correct goals for both your personal and professional life, this podcast will help to instruct you on how you can become more productive.

4. The LEADx Show

If you’re looking for a podcast that you can listen to five days a week and which features some of the most talented and successful leadership experts, then look no further than ‘The LEADx Show’.

Hosted by Inc. 500 Entrepreneur and New York Times Best Selling Author, Kevin Kruse, this podcast is filled with ideas and challenges which will help to set you apart from the rest. Each episode features interviews and advice from professionals and industry experts. 

Covering a range of topics, from how to improve employee engagement, to the importance of accountability, to ways to sharpen your leadership skills, this podcast has it all. The guest challenge at the end of each episode is particularly exciting. Guests challenge listeners to improve by 1% simply by trying out one of the ideas shared during the podcast. It’s a fantastic way to engage listeners and encourage them to act on what they’ve learned during the podcast.

5. Accelerate

Accelerate’ is the ideal podcast for anyone working in sales. Hosted by the best-selling author and leader in the sales world, Andy Paul, this podcast will certainly inspire you. Following on from his initially shaky start as a salesperson, Paul was able to become successful. In ‘Accelerate’ he shares his knowledge and experience with listeners to help them achieve the same in their own lives. 

Alongside his guests, Paul covers a variety of topics. These include, how to improve cold calls, better understanding the neuroscience of decision-making, and utilize this to improve leadership and sales strategies, as well as ways to beat the competition and provide greater value to customers.

There’s a new episode of the podcast six days a week, meaning there’s plenty of content to inspire you and get you started.

6. Manager Tools

If you’re a manager looking to improve your management skills, then ‘Manager Tools’ is the ideal podcast for you.

As the title suggests, this podcast is filled to the brim with ideas, strategies, and suggestions. By tuning in to the podcast, you’ll be providing yourself with the opportunity to greatly enhance your management toolkit. 

Each episode of the podcast covers a variety of topics, including strategies for improving interview tactics, developing better communication with employees, as well as considering who to promote within your team. If you’re new to a management role, then this podcast is a great place to begin.

7. Dose Of Leadership

Hosted by coach and leadership expert Richard Rierson, ‘Dose of Leadership’ is a great podcast to add to your playlist if you’re trying to improve your leadership skills.

In each episode Rierson interviews leaders from across all sectors of life. Very often the podcast episodes include interviews with leaders you will probably have heard of or be familiar with. 

Interviewees range from military leaders to business leaders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs, and even faith-based leaders. Interviewees share not only their personal experiences but also how they have developed their businesses, themselves, and their skills over time. The result is a podcast that is not only educational but also inspirational.

8. Engaging Leader

For those looking for a podcast to help them become a manager that employees can confidently turn to for guidance and support, then ‘Engaging Leader’ is the podcast for you.

Effective leadership is at the very core of all success, whatever the size of the company or team you may be leading. In this podcast, the focus is on how to improve communication. The podcast is hosted by Jesse Lahey, an author, speaker, and consultant with over 20 years of experience.

This podcast succeeds in not only sharing stories and experiences but also in guiding listeners on how to implement these in practice. Alongside his guests, Lahey discusses a range of strategies that you can use to help you become a better communicator and more engaging leader. They cover topics like ways to create better connections in the workplace, how to communicate effectively with Millennials and Gen Z employees, as well as how to become more emotionally transparent.

9. HR Leaders

HR Leaders’ is a daily podcast, hosted by Chris Rainey.

In each episode, Rainey talks with successful HR Practitioners from a range of companies, including large, well-known companies such as Twitter, Google, and IBM. In each podcast episode, HR Practitioners share their experience, as well as valuable insights that they’ve gained over the years and the top lessons they have learned.

The podcast covers various topics, including strategies for attracting and retaining top-quality talent to your business, as well as how to develop this talent to help improve your business.

10. Entrepreneurs On Fire

If you’re an entrepreneur about to embark on your journey, then make sure that you add ‘Entrepreneurs on Fire’ to your playlist.

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone taking their first steps into starting their own business enterprise. The podcast features interviews with some of the most successful and inspirational entrepreneurs, including Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, and Seth Godin amongst others.

In it, they share their personal stories, including moments of failure and success, as well as offer a range of resources to support and inspire other entrepreneurs on their own adventures.


One of the core skills of a truly talented and successful leader is the ability to continuously develop and learn.

Podcasts are a great way to achieve this. With an ever-increasing variety of shows to choose from, you’re certain to find one to suit your needs. Even better, most podcasts, including the ones on this list, can be easily accessed and fit into the most hectic of schedules.

Begin your journey to improving your leadership knowledge skills today by listening to one of the podcasts listed above.

Author’s Bio:

Katherine Rundell is a leadership writer at Essay Writing Services and, where she regularly writes about podcasts. In particular, Katherine enjoys sharing reviews on the latest podcasts available and the best ways to listen to them with her readers. When not writing, Katherine enjoys listening to a range of podcasts on her daily runs and reading.


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