Pollution In India? Are We Too Late?

A famous quote goes like this, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”. This statement is so true when pollution levels around the world are becoming critical. A look at pollution in India can leave us astonished by the rise in air, water, noise and land pollution. The growth of industries, rise of vehicular traffic and the expansion of companies are taking a toll on the environment in such a way that the future of our nation seems bleak. Let’s take a look at various forms of pollution:

Air pollution

This is the most common form of pollution rising from industries, exhaust of vehicles to even cooking. Sulphur-di-oxide let out during such times acts as a catalyst for global warming, acid rain, temperature rise and erratic rains which affect human, animal and plant life. These affects lead to ozone layer depletion by the increased levels of green house gases.

Water pollution

With industries letting out their effluents into water bodies, to people bathing, washing clothes and conducting rituals on rivers, rise in water pollution levels are not surprising. Eutrophication due to various reasons leads to a decrease in oxygen supply underneath the surface hereby affecting aquatic life and also leads to other issues like cholera and typhoid.

Soil pollution

The increase in population, competition and expansion has led to deforestation and new high rises being built to accommodate the growing needs of the demanding consumer. This in turn leads to soil pollution leading to various complications. Dumping of garbage and disposal of plastic are causing widespread damage to the environment by converting fertile land to infertile land.

Noise pollution

Noise pollution is when unpleasant sounds reach ears and can lead to irritation, hearing impairments, stress and other psychological issues due to noise from jets, loudspeakers from campaigns, industries and traffic.
Though these are the major forms of pollution in India, we cannot neglect other forms like light, radioactive and thermal pollution.

Is it a major concern?

‘So what if there`s pollution? I am not affected’: this is the response of most people when confronted on environmental talks. But, facts say that over 100,000 premature deaths in India are due to air pollution, most of them are children. Delhi has been labeled as the most polluted city in the world with an alarming rate of smog which covers its surface. Ground water pollution has led to so many babies being born blind and many others suffering from soars due to arsenic poisoning. A United Nations report says in effect that pollution kills more people than all the acts of violence, including wars. That’s a wake-up call for the nation. This is not something that can be easily brushed off; it needs attention. Pollution in India requires action.

Can companies curb environmental pollution in India?

Anyone can take the initiative in saving the environment in every little way possible. That answers the question as to whether companies and businesses can help curb environmental population. Here are some strategies to go greener:

Digital India

Aligning with Modi’s Digital India, companies can shift from printing newsletters, messages, training materials and business books and cards to PDFs, emails, eBooks and online business cards. This not only saves the environment but also cuts costs.

Recycle whatever is possible

Try to recycle old papers, discarded materials and goods instead of throwing them. Recycling is cheap and can help a lot.

Reduce transportation

With advancement in technology, we don’t have to necessarily travel to a place to get the work done. Meetings can be conducted online. Even the work from home concept can play an important role in reducing pollution and also save businesses money on ‘in house office supplies’.

I think the country has reached a stage where every decision has to take the environment into account.


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