Product Review: Topyx Learning Management Software

Product Review: Topyx Learning Management Software

Interactyx launched Topyx learning management software in the year 2009. It has been awarded as the best social e-learning software for two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010.

Topyx is a ready to use software (SaaS solution) and is completely web based. The best thing about this app is that it blends traditional LMS functions with social learning tools that enhance learners engagement.

Moreover, pairing it with unlimited users & bandwidth and pricing models, organizations can now offer Topyx to all their staff. This actually makes e-learning more collaborative and appealing; consequently learning experience is absolutely worth the investment.

Learning Management Software Topyx was designed to be managed easily without any necessity of IT knowledge or coding or any other complexities. Its outstanding features can be managed by choosing a check box.

Some key features incorporated in the software are:
1. Flexible learning platforms; High-speed internet connection is necessary. Valuable training materials can be accessed using NOT ONLY desktops or laptops but also Smartphones, iPads, tablets and iPhones.

2. Separate user roles/identities; This feature helps separate users and they can easily access their personal schedules. Categories allotted are: Learner, Manager, Instructor, Administrator and Groups.

3. Compatible dashboard; You can access all the necessary administrative features on the dashboard quickly in spontaneous groupings.

4. Sharing; Sharing of information can be done easily by sending, receiving and processing the files via this software. Involvement is utmost important for a well-structured learning program.

5. Multi-media files; Supports major file types including
a. Powerpoint, documents, excel, video, audio and more
b. SCO’s (shared content objects), Articulate, Captivate and more

6. Manage site settings; With just a few clicks you can make sure that the learning environment has the ideal configuration.

7. Course management; Courses and subjects alter regularly. You need a program that can adjust to these changes easily. Learning management app offers a flexible option to handle your sessions, quizzes, assignments, webinars and more.

8. Manage new users; If you want to add a new employee to the learning platform, just apply the user sign-in option and manage new users.

9. Plug-in compatibility; Friendly with social networking sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter as well as 3rd party e-mail, Webinars and more.
10. Security; Topyx is cloud-hosted solution with an advanced protective platform (dedicated server) that securely stores your confidential information.

11. Price; Topyx has a flat fee subscription of $19,500 annually, which is very low in comparison to the myriad of features including free unlimited upgrades, reporting (Google Analytic), custom branding, e-commerce, 14 languages and more.

The bottom line is that millions of users agree with Interactyx declaration that their LMS software is perfect for every environment. It is compatible with corporates to academics to non-profits, who require a program to enhance communication, participation, and collaboration, while cutting overall costs.

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