How to Network Purposefully and Succeed

Purposeful Success in Business Networking

Valerie Lothian talks about synchronicity and how she networked her way into the A-list of business people after she got laid off from her job and started her own business. In this article she talks about how to network purposefully and succeed.

When I first started out in business, having been made redundant (laid-off) from my corporate financial position, I had no idea what field of work I wanted to do. I just knew that it had to involve helping people solve their challenges and other related problems.

After reading a newspaper and signing up to a mailing list related to Stock Market Trading, I finally ended up in the Personal Development arena. This also merged into Internet Marketing.

All of these exciting, inter-connecting niches showed that I was on the right track to achieving my goals. I was meeting people and recognizing others that attended these overlapping events. I enjoyed these regular interactions and it became very comfortable to build relationships with them.

However, these connections didn’t stop there. I increased my networking efforts and quickly built strong relationships with the seminar organizers. This became my Circle of Influence.

I eventually aimed to be associated and work with high-net worth individuals who have good minds, kind hearts and used their professional influences in the best manner. My tailored networking has led to some very exciting VIP connections and opportunities.  Three of the more outstanding ones are:

1. Embassy of the Order of Malta in Monaco

Meeting a VIP delegate from Monaco Ambassadeur Extraordinaire et Plénipotentiaire : S.E. M. Peter K. Murphy, who traveled to London with his party, to do business. I had no initial idea who this person was, I just saw that he was very charming and regal. I discovered he was in Royal circles who works with VIP’s conducting philanthropic work and is the Order of Malta Ambassador, Embassy of the Order of Malta in Monaco.

2. Book Foreword from an established UK Top Biz Guru and Author.

My close friend and mentor Ron G. Holland – author of 18 books, has written a great foreword for my forth-coming networking ebook called “How To Sprinkle Networking Fairy Dust Over The World”. An extract is stated below as the Top 10 Networking Tips.

3. Leverage from experts involved in “The Secret”.

Having written my forth-coming book, I am now involved in a joint venture team of highly established authors and experts such as Dr Joe Vitale. This book provides the missing financial pieces from the phenomenon that was, “The Secret”. We have launched an Amazon Best Sellers Book Day for “Sacred Cows Dancing Volume #1 Financial Enlightenment For Today”.

These opportunities occurred because I realized, created and acted on my core principles of successful networking. These synchronistic opportunities have been outlined briefly for you. My networking successes include many others that were born from these steps:

The Top 10 Networking Tips (extract brief)

  1. Finding Out About The Event
  2. Booking and Registering
  3. Get Yourself Noticed
  4. Pre-event: Publicize Yourself/Your Business Networking
  5. Preparing Your Introductions and Elevator Pitches
  6. Your Contact Details and Materials
  7. The Big Day Arrives: It’s Time To Shine
  8. At The Event: Working The Room
  9. Post-event: The Follow-ups
  10. Securing Your Meeting to Achieve your Goals

Now that you have read a snapshot of my networking success strategies, you should Implement them to your own unique communication style. Conduct them regularly whilst noting responses. I’d love to hear about your results.

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