7 Vital Reasons to Reframe Your Digital Marketing Strategies

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The world is changing fast. But you cannot claw on the hands of time and stop it from moving ahead. What you can do is follow its lead. Change with changing times. And this stands true for digital marketing strategies. 

Your long-term business goals are bound to stay the same for a couple of years. If you want more leads in 2021, that’s unlikely to change in 2022 or 2023 or even beyond, right? But how you go about trying to get more leads with your digital marketing efforts has to change. 

Digital marketing trends are ever-evolving. And that’s how your digital marketing strategy framework has to be too.  Not sure why or when you should change a digital marketing strategy? The following signs are a cue that your digital marketing strategy needs an overhaul. 

Your ROI Has Scope for Improvement


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You expected X dollars worth of sales but you are still far from there? Your competitor’s digital marketing strategy seems to be raking in bags full of dollars for them? And you just sit counting your pennies? Are the industry ROI standards higher than your campaign’s return?

Chances are you aren’t making full use of your digital marketing efforts. Lower ROIs also indicate that you either lack manpower or skills to get proper results. 

The first step towards reframing your strategy should be to hire a white label agency. With expert and experienced manpower, you can unleash the potential of digital marketing. All without extra overheads or the hassles of managing a team. 

You Don’t See as Much Traffic as You Expected

Websites that have low or no traffic are akin to shop fronts with no footfall.  It leaves the owners upset, dejected, and baffled about what they might be doing wrong. In your website’s case, it could be your old digital marketing strategy. 

Saw initial surge in traffic which later plateaued? Your digital marketing strategy is the most likely culprit. You could be taking all possible digital marketing steps. But if it doesn’t culminate in website traffic, something is definitely wrong.

A careful audit of your present digital marketing strategy should be able to tell you what that is. And then that can become the first step towards reframing your strategy.

Traffic on Your Website Doesn’t Convert

A lot of website owners get too excited over high website traffic. Which isn’t exactly justified.  Getting more traffic is important. (As we discussed in the previous point).

But what if that traffic doesn’t convert? Conversion here could mean a lot of things and not just sales. Suppose you wanted people to just sign up for your email list. And hundreds and thousands of visitors land on your sign-up form. You can see it in your tracker. But only a small proportion of people actually give you their email addresses. That’s bad, right?

Getting traffic that isn’t converting? That’s the proof you need to know that your digital marketing strategy isn’t aligned to your end goals.  It needs reframing at the earliest. 

Your Paid Ads Are Underperforming

Most webmasters would agree that a major chunk of their digital marketing budget is spent on ads. And those who do it right will vouch for the fact that it brings the maximum revenue too. 

But if your paid online ads are failing, know that there is a hole somewhere in your ship. And if you don’t revamp your digital marketing strategy to fix that hole soon enough, you’d sink. 

Your Search Engine Rankings Aren’t Improving

In an ideal world, Internet surfers click on pages two, three, four, and more of search engine results. They dig deep and find the best result for their query. And in this utopian world, search engine rankings wouldn’t have mattered. But sadly, that’s not the case.

Most people won’t even scroll down to the last (10th) result in SERPs, let alone click on page two. Online visibility is the first thing that you need to get found by your target audience. And ranking high is the only way to be visible. 

Now we don’t suggest you expect to go from page 10 to the top of page 1 in a month. But if you aren’t noticing even a snail’s pace improvement in your rankings, it is a major red flag. 

Hiring experts can help reframe your digital marketing strategy to be more productive. And you’d soon ascent to the #1 spot in SERPs.

Your Strategy Focuses on Only a Few Channels

Do you just focus on search engine optimization to increase your bottom line? Is your entire digital marketing budget spent on just Google Ads? Is your idea of social media outreach limited to just Facebook? Are you entirely reliant on emails for your digital strategy? If yes, your digital marketing strategy needs an immediate upgrade. 

Digital marketing includes search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, video promotion on YouTube, TikTok, and more, email marketing, remarketing, and retargeting ads, display network ads… The list runs pretty long. 

Now, having a plan for each mode and medium is a far-fetched dream for most small and medium businesses. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay fixated on just one or two channels. 

Do you feel you are getting decent enough returns and revenue from those channels? Your digital marketing strategy can still be expanded for even better outcomes. 

Different digital marketing channels are suitable for different websites and businesses. It all depends on the type of your business, your target audience dynamics, and your budget.

Reframing your digital marketing agency will help you explore untapped channels. This will improve your revenue. And it may also reduce your costs if you find a more suitable channel than you are presently targeting. Using multiple digital marketing channels but getting lopsided results? It is also a signal towards the need for an overhaul. 

Your Strategy Is Over a Year Old

Every day there is a new song or challenge that goes viral on Instagram and TikTok. Every week you see different experts go gaga over different SEO strategies. Every few months Google rolls out algorithm updates for rankings and ad placement.  Are you still stuck to your previous year’s digital marketing strategy? You are definitely missing out on a lot. 

Digital marketing strategies most often don’t show results overnight. So changing your course of action every week or every month would be a waste of time and resources. 

A year, however, is a decently long enough time. In a year you will be able to see the results of your strategies and assess the changes required in the future. 

Even if things are working fine, annual digital marketing overhauls are important. This will ensure you keep up with the trends of today and don’t keep dancing to the tunes of the days gone by. 

Follow These Simple Steps to Get Started:

1. Determine what your digital marketing plan will accomplish.

2. Review your digital marketing plans from last year and strive to improve on what you did. Having high goals is excellent, but don’t set them so high that you’ll never achieve them.

3. Your omissions are as important as your actions. You should ask yourself at every stage of this process if you haven’t tried anything yet.

4. If you haven’t already established who your target audience is, you should do so now. You’re expected to know a lot about them already.

5. Create something that speaks to your audience personally and keep them at the center of your plan.

6. Prepare a list of all the information you have about your target audience. Don’t forget to include all of their basic demographics. Think about problems they might have. How can you solve them?

Dig deeper. What are their desires? What do they want to achieve? What are their dreams? What scares them? What makes them tick?

7. Plan out the scope and budget of your digital marketing plan as you figure out what you wish to accomplish.

8. Figure out what your channels are and who you can use to implement them. These are your means and your resources, and you must take account of them.

9. Decide what you are going to do yourself and what you are going to outsource.

No matter how good your analysis and assumptions are or how well constructed your plan is, you can’t predict the future.

This is why you need to keep measuring the way your digital marketing plan performs and make adjustments when you need to. Never be so stuck on one plan that you refuse to recognize when it needs to change.

Reframe Your Digital Marketing Strategies With Experts Today

Now you know when and why you need to reframe your digital marketing strategies. 

The next question you should be asking is: how can my digital marketing strategy be improved?

An expert white label agency would be best equipped to answer that question for you. With an agency backing you, you can stay on top of digital marketing trends and see tangible results. 

Give your digital marketing strategy a much-needed upgrade!

Author Bio:

Sheryl Jones is a Sr. Marketing Specialist at Uplers, a company that specializes in White Label services in Web Development, Web Designing, Digital Marketing & Marketing Automation. She interacts with a lot of developers and can come up with a really unique and informational post.


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