10 SEO Tools You Need to Achieve Success From Day One

SEO tools

If you are looking to get your business seen by more people, SEO tools can help. With over a billion websites on the internet today, you need to be sure you utilize every resource possible to get your company seen. A strong and effective marketing strategy will help your website become more popular and noticeable by both qualified potential customers as well as search engine bots. While many best SEO tools have a high cost, several affordable resources can help you get ahead and stay ahead.

SEO tools are important for your business. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is how well a website ranks when people look up certain keywords on Google or other search engines. By having good SEO, customers will be able to find you easily online and they’ll trust that you’re offering legitimate products or services because of the high ranking yourself in particular results pages have.

There are countless benefits to using SEO tools in your marketing plan. The first and foremost reason is, it gets you more qualified leads. When you implement a proper SEO strategy for your business, more people will visit your website, which automatically increases the chance that they complete an action like calling or submitting a contact form.

The second benefit is getting your website higher on Google rankings and thus be more noticeable by search engine bots. With the right tools, you can see how often your business is being mentioned on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and what people are saying about your company. 

SEO tools can help you compare the performance of your website to that of other websites in a similar industry. The tools help businesses track their progress with respect to competitors and it is important because when customers search for products or services, they depend on certain aspects, such as relevancy, quality links, which determine where a listing will show up. This ranking helps companies increase brand awareness and revenue online.

By keeping track of this information with SEO tools, you can ensure your business stays ahead of the competition by listening to what your potential customers want and need from you. Since most people do their research online before purchasing a product or service, being proactive and using the best SEO tools will help keep your website relevant.


Your business can generate more revenue when you use reliable SEO tools. You might want to try measuring how much time people spend on your website, what pages they frequently visit, and the bounce rate of your visitors. This data helps you learn about your customers and improve the overall user experience by creating a simple navigation system and making sure marketing efforts are being used effectively. Not only can SEO tools help you increase revenue, but it also allows your website to rank higher in search engine results for specific keywords or phrases, which increases the likelihood that people will visit your site.


When you use several different SEO tools and applications, you save yourself time by having them in one place. It is much easier to gather the data you want and need when everything is located in a single location that can easily be accessed via your internet browser. 

There are many different types of SEO tools, and they all offer benefits for the user. Take a look at the list below and learn more about these SEO tools.

1. Moz’s Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a powerful free tool offered by Moz. This tool can help you see your link profile, backlinks, and top pages linking to your site. You can check for broken links as well using this tool. Overall, it is a great tool to use if you are learning more about how other sites link back to yours. 

2. Open Link Profiler

This SEO tool is very effective for finding relevant links on various websites. It will find all of the links a specific site has and provide you with anchor text, IP address, and whois data. You can check multiple sites at once with this tool or even personalize your results by putting in seed sites that you want to check out. This is a highly recommended tool for any users looking for high-quality backlinks.  

3. Google Analytics

If your website goes down, then so will your traffic. Google Analytics provides free real-time tracking so that users can see what is going on with your site at all times. You will be able to see how much traffic you have and track everything from sales to conversions on the go. This tool is easy to use and has a ton of functionality to help users make better decisions about their next moves in SEO.  

4. Open Site Explorer

This is a free tool that is available from Google. As the name suggests, it can help you see your link profile and check for broken links. You can see what pages of your site are linking and how they’re doing so. You can also check up to five competitor sites with this tool so that you can see just how they are doing in the search engines.  

5 . SEMrush

This SEO tool is very similar to Google Analytics, but it has some extra features that may benefit users. There is a keyword research and tracking platform which will help users see what is working and what isn’t when it comes to keywords. It also will show you what your competitors are doing so that you have a better idea of how to compete against them. 

6. Bing Webmaster Tools

Microsoft developed Bing’s Webmaster Tools to help website owners with their SEO efforts. This tool is great for finding out where your website ranks in Bing and getting access to backlinking information, index status, and more. It also allows you to submit sitemaps and message webmasters about the issue on their websites (if any). In general, this tool helps you keep an eye on things when it comes to Bing.  

7 . Jaaxy

This is an SEO tool that will help you find keywords to target for your website. There are many tools in this package, and they can be a big help when it comes to finding the right keywords to use throughout your site. You can also check out how competitive certain keyword terms are and get some related keyword suggestions so that you know where to focus your efforts on the page level of things.  

8 . MozBar

If you use SEOmoz’s tools, the MozBar is an essential extension for Firefox and Chrome browsers. It offers keyword research, rank checking, competitor analysis, and a few other features that can boost your workflow. As long as you’re using their free tools, then this is a great addition.  

9 . SERPStat

SERPStat offers unique features that will help you boost your rankings and get in front of more traffic. This tool shows you how difficult it will be to rank for certain keywords and the search volume associated with those terms. The toolbar feature can also show users if they are moving up or down in the SERPS compared to yesterday, last week, or even last month.  

10 . Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a great SEO tool that should be considered by anyone looking to get more traffic from the search engines. Some of the features include backlink analysis, keyword research, rank checking, and SERP monitoring. There are also links here to various social media sites to see how your brand is doing on these platforms. This is a great tool for staying on top of things when it comes to search engines.  

Benefits of Using SEO Tools

As the tools mentioned here will show you, there are many benefits to using SEO tools. You can gather information about your traffic and determine where you rank without having to do a lot of guesswork or hoping that the analytics package in place is accurate. The keyword research tools help users find out what people are looking for, which keywords to target, and get ideas for new content. It’s a great way to get things going when it comes to leveraging online resources so that you can make sure that as many people see your site as possible.

SEO tools are helpful for business owners to monitor, analyze and improve their website’s performance. SEO is an acronym that stands for “search engine optimization.” SEO helps businesses better understand what customers search for online, so they can use the keywords in a way that attracts them as visitors or buyers to their websites.

Businesses need this information because it allows them to track how well (or not) potential clients find their site when conducting searches through various types of internet browsers like Google Chrome, Safari. This ensures there isn’t a difficulty with finding content once inside each web page since having poor navigation within pages means lost traffic which will result in fewer conversions/sales overall if people cannot access important links quickly enough.

There are many great tools out there for those who want more exposure to their websites. From backlinking analysis to overall rankings, these 10 Tools are excellent ways to get things moving so that you can enjoy the benefits of a high-ranking website.


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