The Small Business Guide to Storage

Storage is a common problem for business owners. Often, it might be product stock, old furniture, or hardware that needs to be stored somewhere safe. Established self-storage businesses such as the Pacific Northwest’s U-Store Self Storage chain and others offer more than just storage space for small businesses. Growing start-ups should consider renting a self-storage unit and enjoy the advantages that it can provide their business operations.

No thanks to reality TV shows featuring auctions of repossessed storage units, most people think of such units as mere extensions of the attics of renters who just can’t let go of their stuff that is mostly junk. However, growing start-ups stand to gain a lot of traction for their business by renting self-storage units.

The following shows the top benefits that self-storage units offer for growing enterprises.

  1. Cheaper Storage Space

Your growing business can save a lot of money on storage space for your inventory with self-storage units. On average, self-storage units are up to 50% cheaper than warehouses. You can use the funds that you’ll save to rent a premium space downtown for your front office. Having the extra space for your inventory also means that you can rent a smaller space for your front office.

  1. Flexible Storage Space Size

Most warehousing facilities have fixed floor areas for storage. The size remains constant regardless of the size of your inventory. Since inventories often shrink and expand according to demand and availability, your business will benefit from the availability of different storage space sizes offered by self-storage establishments. You can move to a bigger storage unit when you expand your inventory or move to a smaller unit to scale down, which translates to more efficient overhead management for you.

  1. Better Security

Established self-storage facilities have round-the-clock security personnel, closed-circuit surveillance cameras, alarm systems and code-compliant fire safety measures in place. You may need to spend extra to have the same level of security for your inventory if you are renting a warehouse. Self-storage facilities will give you peace of mind knowing that your stock is safe and secure.

  1. Better Conditions for Your Stocks

If your stock requires special storage conditions or is susceptible to damage due to heat or humidity, you can rent special self-storage units for such needs. For instance, it is a standard for self-storage facilities to be well-sealed to prevent moisture and water damage. Temperature and humidity-controlled storage units are also available at a lower price compared to warehouses.

  1. 24/7 Accessibility

Self-storage facilities are open 24/7, which means that you can access your inventory at any time of the day (or night). This can be especially helpful during your peak business operations of the year, such as the holidays for instance, where you may need to operate around the clock to keep up with the demand. This is also ideal for start-ups who run their business online and have to cater to clients from different time zones who are expecting prompt delivery of the items that they ordered.

Self-storage units have many other advantages such as sparing you from commercial taxes for warehousing and for storing off-season items if you run a brick-and-mortar store. Most of these benefits translate to significantly lower overheads and bigger profits. These can ultimately provide you with the edge that you need to keep ahead of your competition.


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