Some Cool Ideas for Using iPads to Revolutionise Your Small Business

Some Cool Ideas for Using iPads to Revolutionise Your Small Business

Since the launch of the iPad back in 2010, businesses have been finding all kinds of interesting ways to use them. Clever use of apps, touch screen technology and the iPad’s great video screening capabilities have made it possible for iPads to be used to boost productivity, encourage participation from customers and pitch concepts like never before.

Here are some of the ways you could use iPad technology to give your small business an edge:

Market Research

Surveying people or trying to spread awareness about what you are doing face to face is hard – people don’t often want to spend their time answering questions, and you often have to give away something just to get a basic level of participation. If you have a simple iPad app that lets people answer your brief survey by touching the screen, and can also gather their information for a prize draw or any other promotion you are offering, you have an interesting way to engage with people. People will be impressed at your use of technology, and some will join in just so they get a chance to play with the iPad!

Demos and Pitches

Have you ever had to give a sales presentation or demo to just one person, and had to go to all the effort of setting up a projector and all kinds of other gear just to begin? You can look far more organized by simply presenting to them on your iPad. Being able to swoosh through slides and manipulate models on the fly, as well as being able to let them effectively “play” with prototypes on the touch screen can create an intimate and powerful means of giving a pitch or demo.

Inventory Management and Record Keeping

With apps, either bespoke or existing, you can create databases that you and your team can interact with easily and collaboratively to maintain and update things like your inventory, client records and contact lists. With barcode or QR code scanning apps, you can also very easily allow your iPads to recognize specific items or promotional materials.

This can significantly boost productivity, giving people a way to update records at customer sites, in the warehouse, or out and about without the need for a laptop. Using 3G with your iPads will mean these apps can access your central databases anywhere with 3G. Cheaper, non-3G iPads will be suitable if you intend for your team to only use the devices for these collaborative purposes where there is Wi-Fi.

Introducing iPads to your Team

Buying iPads for your business may seem like an expensive initial outlay, however they can boost productivity substantially and turn out to be a great investment with the right strategies. One thing to bear in mind is that you’ll probably want to insure the iPads you buy. There are various consumer products specifically for insuring gadgets, like Protect Your Bubble iPad Insurance, which if you have a very small business may be suitable. Otherwise, look at your commercial or corporate insurance options.

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Laura Ginn is a business and technology blogger who loves seeing the different ways entrepreneurs and small businesses adapt and utilize popular technology to enhance their businesses.


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