Everything Business Owners Need to Know About Getting a Storefront Sign

Did you know that 50 percent of customers learn about a business, products or services from a storefront sign and a third of these people would not even have known you exist without it? A storefront is a vital marketing strategy that aligns reputation management with product or service branding. To a potential passerby, it is the first impression that acts as a beacon day or night and draws in a new consumer which is why signage size and aesthetic design matters. Here are the vital things business owners need to know about getting a storefront sign so that you have the right platform to advertise, exhibit weekly sales and advise about special store events.

A Storefront Sign Is a Long-term Marketing Asset

Sign Company Orange County experts advise customers to think of a storefront sign as a long-term marketing strategy. As more than eight out of ten of your customers live within a five-mile radius of your business, it serves the same purpose as a strategy like local SEO. Once the initial investment is made, it is an affordable asset you can use to reach your customer base directly and build a loyal following without further budget cost.

Research Zoning Regulations & Sign Types

This is an important step a business owner must never overlook. Most states have zoning regulations that determine height, size, material, location, maintenance, utility clearance, restrictions, violations, and exemptions. Most counties will also ask business owners to submit site and instruction plans. This knowledge is invaluable and will help you research the type of signs available in your area. The most common storefront signs include fabric, custom-made, glass, wood, metal, stone, rock, awning and logo.

Determine Company Criteria & Budget Needs

Before you do anything, you need to think about company criteria and budget. What business goals do you want to achieve with your sign? Do you need space for several marketing goals? How much room do you have for sign installation? What are the needs of your customer demographic? When you narrow the scope of your criteria and budget constraints, you will have a clear idea of the type of company that will serve your needs.

Add a Logo to Your Sign for Business Branding

You need to add a logo to your sign as it will promote company branding to everyone who passes by your store. Logos become so relatable that consumers identify brands with them. Your sign is the anchor point, but your logo appears on larger marketing deployment plans like advertisements, commercials, content delivery or social media.

Make Sure Have Enough Room for Text

Readability is just as important as accessibility, so choose a sign that has enough room for your business name and all product or services that will align with company values. You also can include short descriptors for business type, popular departments or loyalty programs. Messages must be short as customers only see it for a few seconds, so make sure that your storefront sign displays clear text that will promote your business wisely.

Do you have any advice for storefront sign seekers? How important was accessibility, location, and size to your business? It is always best to consult with a local sign company for more help.


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