The Life We Were Meant To Live

Human beings were never meant to live a stressed life. They were meant to live free… From migraine to wheezing to even heart conditions, they are all directly or indirectly symptoms of an overburdened life. Work related stress is increasing drastically among the current generation and if they don’t take action soon, it could turn out disastrous. Let’s look at some ways we can lead a better life:

Forget your past

Some people are so caught up by their past mistakes and a list of all the unfair things that happened to them that they don’t want to let go and move beyond them. “My boss didn’t treat me right ’; “I shouldn’t have taken that step… now it’s too late”. The failures of their past induces an unwanted pressure and stress. The truth is that the past is over and is gone forever. You can do nothing about it. Let go of what didn’t work. You can always try again. Henry Ford said, “Failure in an opportunity to start again more intelligently.” Stop beating yourself up and don’t hide in self-pity. Forgive yourself and learn from the past.

Let go of your bitterness

A lot of people hold grudges for many years through their lives. A famous person said, “While I’m holding grudges, that person is out there dancing.”The best thing to do is to forgive them and move on. You may ask, “Wait a minute. After all that they’ve done to me, you want me to forgive them? Do you know how badly he treated me? How can I just forgive and leave?” In fact, the truth is that when we forgive others, not only are we letting them out from our cage of resentment, in that process, even we are being liberated.

Get rid of your bags

A man driving a truck stopped by an elderly lady walking on the side of the road carrying a heavy load on her back. The man offered the lady a lift to her home. She agreed and got in to the rear portion of the truck. After driving some distance, the man looked back and saw the elderly lady standing, with the load still on her back. This is what many people are doing today. Instead of letting go of their bags of bitterness, self-pity, hurt, ego, depression, guilt, resentment and negativity, they are still carrying them everywhere they go. This affects them in their career, relationships, personal growth and hence limits their life as a whole. In simple words, Get rid of your bags.

No worries

Some people keep worrying all the time, “I don’t know how I will make it through this economic downfall’, “I don’t know what will happen to my business- everything’s so uncertain”. They are so anxious and worried about their future that they end up with stress. Sometimes people ask me, “We are worried as to how we will make it in life, but how come you are having a worry free life.” That’s simply because, I know that worry will not change anything. I might as well learn to enjoy my ‘today’ which is available for me than to worry about a future which I have no guarantee of. Van Wilder said, “Worry is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere”. So, as the Australians put it, the simple mantra is “NO WORRIES MATE!”

No more work related stress

Once you are free from your bags, even if your client gives you a hard time or the pressure of dead lines are crouching you, you will be able to smoothly handle it. When you calmly put in your best efforts along with your team, you don’t have any chance for getting work related stress.
We can learn from little children. They don’t hold grudges or bitterness; neither do they take an account of all the bad experiences nor sit around with a chip on their shoulder worried about their future. They lead such a carefree life. That’s our goal… live free… be healthy…live long… so goodbye to work related stress!


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