Celebrate a Big Promotion with a Special Gift

You do not have to wait until Christmas to give someone a special gift. In fact, there are some occasions that really call for gift giving and a big promotion is one of them. When someone you love has the opportunity to move forward on their chosen career track you really want to celebrate. Giving […]

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When Goals in Life Fail

“There’s a guy at your office named Bill. He’s not accomplishing his goals in life. Why not?” I periodically throw this question out when I’m giving a talk on leadership or goal setting. It doesn’t matter whether I’m speaking to entrepreneurs, executives or management students, the response is almost always something like the following: “Bill’s […]

By Stephen Balzac | Motivation and Business Success

7 Tips to Achieve Your Goals

We all know how much easier it is to set goals than to take the action to achieve them. Goal achievement is much harder than goal setting. The follow through to achieve your goals takes effort and focus. Therefore, don’t bother setting goals unless you are willing to apply these 7 tips to achieve them. […]

By Kerri Salls | Most Popular

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