Dos And Don’ts For Building Your Brand’s Social Media Personality

These days, almost every company is active on social media, small businesses and big corporations alike. If a company does not have any social media profiles, then it’s safe to say they’re missing out on a massive marketing opportunity. Most (smart) companies maintain a presence on all the most popular social sites including Facebook, Myspace, […]

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Mapping Out the Distribution Process for Your Brand

The internet has helped people turn ideas into reality. With a wealth of information at our finger tips, almost anyone can start up their own business. Some fail and some are extremely successful. Although sales and marketing might be considered to be one of the most important parts of a business, let’s not forget distribution. […]

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3 Tips To Reinforce Your Brand Message

There is one thing all brands and businesses, no matter how big or small, have in common. It is the fact that they need to send out a strong brand message to ensure that their customers are not losing sight of their brand and switching loyalties to other competing brands. But, how can you do […]

By Brenda Lyttle | Marketing

Social Media To Social Business

What is a brand and how do we build its ‘personality’? Consider looking at your brand (no, not just the logo, color or design) as a person, an extension of you. What do you promise yourself, what do you stand for; who do you associate with and what are the things that make you great, […]

By Kareim Abbouda | Marketing

Stop Looking Like Everybody Else. Brand Yourself!

A mid-sized business in the Washington D.C. area branded itself as the Project Management Company. The truth is that hundreds of companies within 25 miles of the Nation’s Capital routinely provide project management services to government agencies, many of them as effectively and at lower cost. But this company clearly communicated to customers and employees […]

By Richard G. Stieglitz | Marketing

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