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The Value of Collaboration: Leveraging Angel Investor Networks for Success

In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship and startup ventures, collaboration has emerged as a key driver of success. Entrepreneurs face numerous challenges on their journey to building a thriving business, including securing adequate funding, navigating complex markets, and overcoming unforeseen obstacles. However, by tapping into the power of collaboration and leveraging angel investor networks, startups […]

By mpeshev | Angel Investment

4 Steps to Success: The Ultimate Guide to UX Networking 

Whether you like it or not, one of the cornerstones of getting into UX design is networking. Through networking, you’ll be able to form bonds and connections that will last you a lifetime and propel your career forward faster than you’d ever imagined. Of course, we know that networking can be scary. Some people just […]

By Guest Writer | Business Networking

7 Quick Tips to Promote Your Business on Facebook

Facebook is a rule in itself. A business that aims to grow and create a reputation for itself should absolutely adventure the benefits that Facebook marketing provides. Exceptional customer service and a repute on social media always fetch great outcomes. However, it might sometimes be frustrating to have a Facebook page which is unable to draw in the […]

By Shweta Sharma | Marketing

Benefits Of Being A Guest Speaker At A Business Conference

Being a guest speaker at a business conference can be a great opportunity for anyone to promote their business, and their personal brand. Although, it requires a little bit of effort and public speaking skills, it might well be worth the effort. Experience the benefits of being a guest speaker, including opportunities to . Here […]

By John Giftah | Most Popular

How To Make The Most Out of Networking Events

Networking events can be any event where you have an opportunity to network and build connections. Business conferences, wine tastings, a charity ball, product launches and trade shows are great places to network. Attending these events can be a lot of fun and gets you connected to your peers in the local market. They are […]

By John Giftah | Business Networking

Professional Networking: Top Secrets of Connectors

Last month, I attended a seminar. During the break, I was sipping coffee with two of my colleagues who were there specifically for professional networking. They were constantly bragging about the number of people they know in the industry. With the coffee turning cold, their discussion began to heat up, resulting into a perfectly brewed […]


Networking Tips to Benefit Your Business

People often think about business networking as a dirty word because it’s just not in our culture to tout ourselves of actively sell ourselves in a face-to-face encounter, but those that manage to overcome the British reserve go on to become successful business people. Nobody ever said success was easy, but knowing how to network […]

By admin | Business Networking

The Professional Networker: Business Networking Habits for Success

It’s hard to find a great entrepreneur who is not a smart networker. The old saying “It’s not about what you know, it’s who you know” probably holds true even today. Some might argue further saying “It’s NOT who you know but who knows you.” Either way, you get the point rt? I always knew […]

By The Editor | Most Popular

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