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How to Become a Clothing Distributor: A Business Guide for Startups [2021]

Although it takes a lot of effort and perseverance to start a wholesale business, the process is quite straightforward.  Let’s look at the following steps that you can take to become a wholesale clothing retailer. Study the Industry It is important to understand the clothing industry before you start looking into wholesale clothing distribution. As a […]

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How to Choose a Pricing Strategy for your Small Business

A pricing strategy is a model that a business uses to value its goods and services. It is a part of marketing and sales strategy, and greatly influences the performance and success of a business’s products in the market. Having a proper pricing strategy is the difference between increasing market share and slowly losing it. […]

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5 Signs You Need to Innovate

Innovation means coming up with something that consumers never knew they needed. Innovation is usually equated with the invention of new products. However, innovation is a much wider term and an invention is just a part of it. It is not just about new products or services; it is also about a unique process or idea; a […]

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