Tips for Ecommerce CEOs to Improve Their Legacy

Ecommerce grew by 129% in 2020 despite overall commerce falling in the face of restricted spending in the pandemic. Consumer demand for online purchases, nonetheless, rose together with new expectations like faster delivery time, more personalizations, and immersive shopping experiences. As the CEO of an e-commerce brand, it was all you could do to keep […]

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5 Steps to Write a CEO’s Annual Report

Even though we’re just at the start of 2021, very soon, you, as an executive, will have to start planning your CEO’s annual report. The preparation of this report should start in advance. There’s so much going on in your business, and you should continuously track the results and include them in your final message.  […]

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Top 7 Skills Every CEO Should Focus on in 2020

Just as employees are expected to continuously enhance their skill set to fit with changing demands, company leaders should recognize the necessity for themselves as well. Aside from the fact that it will help you make better decisions, enhancing your skill set will help you better recognize and appreciate the talent of your employees. And, […]

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CEO Burnout: How To Avoid It

A couple of years ago, one of my best friends landed what seemed like the career opportunity of a lifetime. She became the CEO of a small but visionary communications company. She’d already survived an MBA at a top school in Europe and several high-responsibility positions at other firms. For the first three months or […]

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The Entrepreneur CEO – Who is an entrepreneur?

Recently one of my employees asked me “Who is an entrepreneur?” Oddly, after being one for over thirty years, I rarely stopped to think about it — I guess in the same manner that a lion never stopped to ponder what being a lion is. There are entrepreneurs, CEOs, and The Entrepreneur CEO.

By Bruce Dugan | Management

Carol Quinn on Hiring a CEO

Is hiring a CEO different from hiring other employees? I personally believe it is no different. Every hire counts. Every hire is an opportunity to select someone who will achieve extraordinary results. That includes the janitor, receptionist, all the way up to the CEO – no exception. It’s NOT okay for anyone to collect a […]

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CEO Strategy Summit 2013

CEO Hangout’s Strategy Summit 2013, on August 23, 2013, witnessed some amazing speakers and an amazing crowd that had attendees from various industries ranging from IT to manufacturing, securities, and many others. Vipul Mathur, IIM Bangalore Scholar spoke about the science of decision making, on why we make the decisions we make. Pavan Soni, another […]

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How to Hire a Great CEO

“To hire a GREAT CEO, the work must be put in on the front end. That means ADEQUATELY TRAINED INTERVIEWERS, building the interviewing team, an accurate job description, and writing effective interview questions. If you get lazy or take shortcuts on any of these upfront steps, you’re likely to sabotage the hiring results you achieve […]

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