The Most Essential Social Skills to Master

‘If you just communicate, you can get by; but if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles.’ No human can ever survive without communicating. Even when there’s nothing being said or heard, communication takes place. In every walk of life, we communicate with other people, express our feelings and thoughts, and develop relationships as we […]

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Leadership Skills: Connecting Through Communication

During the course of their studies and their working lives leaders and future leaders master the vital skills of effective managers: planning, staffing, leading, organizing and controlling. However, the leadership skill that is often underdeveloped and undervalued is communication. This is ironic and worrying given that the ability to communicate is essential to the effectiveness […]

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How to start a communications agency

A communications agency is involved in a variety of issues, including helping companies communicate effectively for improved business operations. A communication agency will, thus, engage in issues such as logo designing, branding and brand communication. Here are steps on how to start a communications agency. #1 Carry out a market research A research will help […]

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