CEO Hangout Marketing Summit 2015 ends on a high

CEO hangout, a networking community for CXO’s organized a marketing summit in Bangalore at The Hyatt on Wednesday, 10th June, 2015. The event started at 10:00 am and ended at 6:00 pm. People from varied industries took part in the event. Travel, Education, Hospitality, Finance and Information technology were some of the sectors that were […]

By Staff Writer | Past Events

How to Plan a Successful Conference?

Once you’ve come to the realization that your group or business would benefit from holding a conference, there are many crucial steps involved in the process to lead to a successful outcome.How to Plan a Successful Conference? First, the infrastructure of your conference needs to be set by putting together the people who will work […]

By admin | Business Networking

How to Get the Most Out of a Conference

Taking time out from work to attend a conference could potentially be an opportunity to learn and establish valuable connections for your company. How to get the most out of a conference tips: Sift Through Your Notes During the conference, note down or star your favorite action steps and ideas before transferring them to a separate […]

By Francesca B | Marketing

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