5 Ways on How to Visualize Data in a Better Way for 2021

Did you know that about 90% of the information that is transmitted to the human brain is visual? That’s right. So when you write wordy posts and blogs for sharing knowledge with others, chances are, the readers do not retain a major chunk of what you are trying to communicate.  A lot has been talked […]

By Guest Writer | Business

Your Definitive Guide on How to Build a Data-Driven Strategy for E-Commerce

One of the primary reasons people prefer online shopping is the low price tag. Other reasons include free shipping, speed of delivery, and the vast catalog of products. As such, providing free delivery is an effective strategy to attract customers. This is what a data-driven strategy for e-commerce looks like.  Data drive most business operations, […]

By Guest Writer | Sales

Big Data and Digital Marketing: How Are They Connected?

Big data refers to a collection of any information, including insights. It consists of all the data in huge volumes and is used by marketers to check on their sales and customers. It is too large and complex and cannot be managed by several management tools, especially traditional data tools. Big data is also a […]

By Guest Writer | Marketing

Is Data Centre Downtime Going To Affect You?

Picture the scene. You’re countless hours into a raid on your favourite MMO. You’re about to reach the climax, your comrades surrounding you, your enemies lapping at your heels, the spoils of victory ahead. Then, moments before your hard fought goal can be reached, the game cuts to black. The server has cut out and […]

By admin | Technology

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