Unveiling the Enigma: Amazon’s Big Data Strategy for Sales Triumph

In the vast digital kingdom of e-commerce, one name reigns supreme – Amazon. But behind the seamless shopping experience and swift deliveries lies a secret weapon: the power of data. Imagine a labyrinth of ones and zeros, where every click, every purchase, and every second spent on the site becomes a vital piece of information. […]

By mpeshev | Sales

Data-Driven Decision Making: The Key to E-commerce Success for Shopify Store Owners

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, Shopify has emerged as a powerhouse platform that empowers entrepreneurs to create and manage their online stores with ease. With millions of active users, Shopify provides a robust foundation for businesses to establish their digital presence. However, the true key to e-commerce success lies in the ability to make […]

By mpeshev | E-commerce

Unlocking the Power of Data Analytics: 13 Strategies for eCommerce Growth

In the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, data analytics has emerged as a vital tool for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge. The ability to gather, analyze, and derive insights from vast amounts of data is revolutionizing the way companies operate, make decisions, and drive growth. By harnessing the power of data analytics, eCommerce businesses […]

By Editorial Team | E-commerce

How to Start an E-commerce Business During a Time of Crisis

Online shopping has become one of the most popular activities in the digital world. E-commerce has been booming as a result. Since the beginning of COVID-19, 36 percent of consumers shop online weekly. 8 percent higher than 28 percent pre-pandemic, according to new data from Digital Commerce 360. The data also shows that 29 percent […]

By Guest Writer | Business

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