12 Great Lessons About Entrepreneurship That You Can Learn From Hiking

Hiking always comes with a lot of uncertainty. That’s because you are going on a road that is often less traveled. And what are the odds that you are traversing the trail for the first time?  Maybe you have done your research on routes, read guidebooks, or connected with other people who had been on […]

By Guest Writer | Entrepreneurship

The Solopreneur’s Guide To Managing A Remote Business Team Effectively In 2021

You have plunged into starting a solo business venture, congratulations! Being a solopreneur is a great experience for inspired individuals, but failing to manage your team can turn into a disaster. When everything starts expanding, you can easily miss out on important things—what pulled you to your passion company in the first place, and at […]

By Guest Writer | Business

5 Essential Tactics for Building a Lifestyle Business

A lifestyle business refers to a business you build up to cater to a certain lifestyle. Do not confuse lifestyle businesses with an advertisement that you might see on TV or the internet on, ‘how to make big cash with little investment. Don’t fall prey to such scams in an attempt to build a lifestyle […]

By Guest Writer | Sales

The Entrepreneur CEO – Who is an entrepreneur?

Recently one of my employees asked me “Who is an entrepreneur?” Oddly, after being one for over thirty years, I rarely stopped to think about it — I guess in the same manner that a lion never stopped to ponder what being a lion is. There are entrepreneurs, CEOs, and The Entrepreneur CEO.

By Bruce Dugan | Management

Hiring Employees with Entrepreneurial Skills

According to David Couper who leads groups of CEOs for Vistage International “An employee who sees his work not as a job but as his own business.  This means that he wants to maximize revenues and profits by being productive, innovative and using resources wisely.” An “entrepreneurial employee” is someone who is self-motivated and needs […]

By The Editor | Human Resources

How to Build A Million Dollar Enterprise?

A million dollar enterprise has multiple employees even thousands performing very specific tasks propelling that business forward.   These enterprises have organized operation plans in place.  The leadership of the company has defined the role, responsibilities, performance metrics and work instructions for every one of these employees.  They also have process flows drawing out how all […]


5 Things I Learned After Starting 5 Companies

When striking out on your own as an entrepreneur there are many different ways to learn things. The most common way that an entrepreneur learns things is quite frankly, “learning as they go along”. “Learning along the way” is not necessarily a bad thing as one of the key characteristics that almost any successful entrepreneur […]


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