Tips for Ecommerce CEOs to Improve Their Legacy

Ecommerce grew by 129% in 2020 despite overall commerce falling in the face of restricted spending in the pandemic. Consumer demand for online purchases, nonetheless, rose together with new expectations like faster delivery time, more personalizations, and immersive shopping experiences. As the CEO of an e-commerce brand, it was all you could do to keep […]

By Guest Writer | Sales

Emotional Intelligence – The Building Block of Relations That Last

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, has been documented as a major success factor in personal life.  But, EQ is also a critical element in business networking too. But first, we need to understand why CEOs and successful leaders must be a great networker. Here are some reasons.  It strengthens business relations. Increase your profile and brand […]

By Guest Writer | Technology

Top 7 Skills Every CEO Should Focus on in 2020

Just as employees are expected to continuously enhance their skill set to fit with changing demands, company leaders should recognize the necessity for themselves as well. Aside from the fact that it will help you make better decisions, enhancing your skill set will help you better recognize and appreciate the talent of your employees. And, […]

By Guest Writer | Business

Role of Executive Search Consultants in Talent Management

Any business that aims at being successful should not ignore talent management. This is an important part of human resource that involves attracting highly qualified, competent and dedicated employees to a given firm. As the business strives to achieve its objectives, it must ensure that it is able to maintain a continuous and integrated process […]

By admin | Human Resources

Executive Retention or Executive Search?

To retain or to retrench – that is the question many companies ask themselves as they consider their cost-cutting options during difficult times. Many are often entangled in dilemmic situations where maintaining staff strength poses as a heavy financial burden while retrenching staff can seriously erode staff morale. Executive retention or Executive search  are always the two choices […]

By admin | Human Resources
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