7 Quick Tips to Promote Your Business on Facebook

Facebook is a rule in itself. A business that aims to grow and create a reputation for itself should absolutely adventure the benefits that Facebook marketing provides. Exceptional customer service and a repute on social media always fetch great outcomes. However, it might sometimes be frustrating to have a Facebook page which is unable to draw in the […]

By Shweta Sharma | Marketing

How 3 Large Data Centers Attack High Cooling Costs?

The primary enemy of a computer system is heat. Heat slows down computer processors, damages them and finally kills them. The data center, which sometimes packs thousands of computers into a limited space, is particularly vulnerable to damage from heat. Cooling can account for over one-third of data center electricity costs. As data center and […]

By admin | Technology

Facebook Strategies For Better Results

Facebook is not the only company looking to monetize its community – companies are in the thick of strategizing on how to best use their social network to make more money. While companies like GM may have doubts on the efficacy of Facebook’s ad campaigns for lead generation citing that people don’t click advertisements, a […]

By Zach Kremian | Marketing

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