Better SEO techniques in 2019. Here’s why?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is always changing and improving while many brands are changing the way they market online to stay in the competition. SEO is what makes your website or product noticeable to others and optimize your search rankings. While making good content is essential in getting people to stay on your page, good […]

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The benefits of using a real translator instead of Google Translate

In the world of linguistic translations, Google Translate provides a staggeringly inadequate service. This comprehensive exposé explores the shortcomings of the Web giant’s language conversion software, and it shows why real translators are an invaluable resource during modern globalization. Proper Nouns Formal words often get butchered during Google’s translation efforts, especially since the program may […]

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How 3 Large Data Centers Attack High Cooling Costs?

The primary enemy of a computer system is heat. Heat slows down computer processors, damages them and finally kills them. The data center, which sometimes packs thousands of computers into a limited space, is particularly vulnerable to damage from heat. Cooling can account for over one-third of data center electricity costs. As data center and […]

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