12 Home Office Ideas to Help Boost Your Productivity

Whether or not you are new to working from home, this work arrangement comes with its challenges. One of the most significant effects there is to tackle is the struggle to remain productive at home. Since the home is a place where people rest and relax, plenty of people out there have to reconfigure their […]

By Guest Writer | Productivity

Some Cool Ideas for Using iPads to Revolutionise Your Small Business

Since the launch of the iPad back in 2010, businesses have been finding all kinds of interesting ways to use them. Clever use of apps, touch screen technology and the iPad’s great video screening capabilities have made it possible for iPads to be used to boost productivity, encourage participation from customers and pitch concepts like […]

By admin | Technology

Video Interview in the Hiring Process

If you are entering the workforce for the first time, you may not be aware of just how much the job search process has changed in the last five to 10 years. But if you are returning to the workforce after a period of absence or you are seeking a new position to continue your […]

By admin | Human Resources

Top 4 Technology Ideas for Small Businesses

Gone are those days when small businesses did not have the technology to compete with big businesses. Nowadays small businesses have the same technology and resources to compete with big businesses and that too globally. Can’t believe it? Then read on to know all that is available to you and that you must adopt if […]

By Brenda Lyttle | Technology

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