Is Data Centre Downtime Going To Affect You?

Picture the scene. You’re countless hours into a raid on your favourite MMO. You’re about to reach the climax, your comrades surrounding you, your enemies lapping at your heels, the spoils of victory ahead. Then, moments before your hard fought goal can be reached, the game cuts to black. The server has cut out and […]

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How to choose a broadband company for your business

Well, every business needs to be connected through the internet. And one of the questions is, which broadband company do you choose for your business? For any business enterprise, communication is a very essential pillar which must be strong enough to hold the business upright. It is extremely necessary that the company should have an […]

By admin | Sales

Wi-Fi and your business

People access the internet everyday. They use it to catch up on the latest news, to connect with friends, to shop, to check emails and to apply for jobs. There isn’t much you can’t do online and because of this people want access to the internet wherever they go. Even those minutes underground on the train can […]

By admin | Technology

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