Servant Leadership and Empathy in Business Communication:

The best entrepreneurs are not just businessmen. They’re a lot more. There’s a fine line between being professional and being friendly at work. You don’t want to be seen as a shrewd boss, nor do you want to be too friendly and be taken advantage of. Yes, there is a whole concept of servant leadership, […]

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Characteristics of a Leader | Making Decisions That Are Not Influenced By Emotions

One of the most important characteristics of a leader is that he doesn’t let emotions affect his decision making. Sometimes the decision is clear to us but we it can get blurred due to emotion. In business, there are times when there is no right or wrong. There are correct and more correct alternatives. And deciding […]

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Elements of Charismatic Leadership

Charismatic leadership comes to some people naturally, while others have to work hard at it. Is it their external persona or is it some internal traits? Every person has something called character. And building that character into something attractive is much easier than we think. Everyone can learn to be a charismatic leader. Here are […]

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How do great leaders shape culture?

What is a firm’s culture? The simplest definition that I have come across for culture is: ‘The ways things are done over here.’ If there is one person who has the greatest impact on a firm’s culture or ‘ways,’ it is the firm’s leader. This was visible in the fortunes of Apple when Jobs left and joined back […]

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Leadership Skills: Connecting Through Communication

During the course of their studies and their working lives leaders and future leaders master the vital skills of effective managers: planning, staffing, leading, organizing and controlling. However, the leadership skill that is often underdeveloped and undervalued is communication. This is ironic and worrying given that the ability to communicate is essential to the effectiveness […]

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Friends or Followers: Where does a good leader draw the line?

Giving bad news is way worse than receiving it. Now imagine when you have to break it to your team, who may also happen to be close friends. Leadership styles vary according to our personality and preferences, but one dilemma a good leader has is “How am I going to treat my team, as members […]

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Types of Leadership. Autocratic Leadership Or Democratic Leadership? Which is better?

The common belief among the general public is: autocratic leadership is bad and democratic leadership is good. But, some professionals say that both styles of leadership are absolutely necessary. Which of these statements are true? Before making further comments, let me first introduce you to both types of leadership and then allow you to be […]

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Who is a leader? How Are Leaders Different From Their Followers?

Who is a leader? How are great leaders different from the rest? John C. Maxwell said, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” Being a leader is not about position or title but rather about action. Here are some ways leaders should be differentiate themselves from their […]

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