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How to Lead More Inclusive Meetings for Greater Productivity

Only 35% of employees feel consistently comfortable contributing to meetings. This comfort – or lack thereof – is attributable to various factors, including: The pressure to perform in front of authoritative figures A fear of public speaking For many, meetings can be intimidating and nerve-racking, making it difficult to voice their thoughts and ideas.  Research […]

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7 Effective Leadership Skills Every New Manager Should Know

The qualities of every manager may differ from one manager to another, but every manager should have leadership skills. These leadership skills are also expected even from new managers. Leaders guide people to achieve their goals. They share their skills for the benefit of the team. They lead the team and inspire them with leadership […]

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5 Simple Ways To Make Boring Tasks More Engaging For Employees

Even if you were fortunate enough to land your dream job, it’s unlikely that all the tasks you do daily are equally exciting. The same is true for your employees. They might accept boring tasks as an unavoidable part of their job, but the question is how it will reflect on their performance. Are your […]

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Dealing With Difficult Employees

Being a manager is never an easy ride. Along with the shells, you will also have to deal with some sand. Every company will have some good employees as well as some ‘not-so-easy’ to handle employees. How you handle them proves your effectiveness as a manager. Here are some ways of dealing with difficult employees: […]

By John Giftah | Management

Working With Slackers – How To Get Work Done?

When I had to sign up for a project in a team, I had no idea what was in store for me. As days went by, I realized that the other two members of my team were slackers. I am the kind of person who would run hither and thither to get the work done […]

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Moving On In Life: What’s Holding Us Back?

We can all get stuck in life. The skeletons in our closet could keep us from taking our next step. If we are not careful, we could get stuck in a rut. It could be a bitter experience or an unforgettable event that ripped us apart. But, whatever said and done, the best thing to […]


Motivating Employees To Perform Better

Your team of employees can either make or break your organization. Motivating employees is the fundamental core for an effective organization. When you learn how to motivate employees, there is a possibility of outperforming your competition. Here are some ways to motivate your team: Public praise them on their achievements Motivating employees is more about […]

By John Giftah | Human Resources

6 S’ For Effective Relationship Skills

Irrespective of our background, nationality, age, social status, educational qualification or race, the absolute truth remains the same: we are social beings. We are not here by ourselves. We have to build relationships with people in order to survive. At home, we should have a good relationship with our parents, siblings, spouse and children. At […]

By John Giftah | Management

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