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How to Manage Anxiety and Maintain Productivity in a Fast-Paced, High-Level Role

If you’re having difficulty working from home or finding it hard to focus at the office, anxiety might be the culprit. Countless professionals across the country experience the pressures of looming deadlines and an increased workload. However, these everyday stressors might have you feeling overwhelmed, resulting in something called high functioning anxiety. Executives with this […]

By Guest Writer | Productivity

How to Encourage Mental Well-Being While Working Remotely

Remote working has been on the minds of office workers for many years; however, the COVID-19 crisis has meant employees all over the world have had to quickly adapt to working from home. And the changes might be for good with a survey from the British Council for Offices (BCO) finding that office workers are […]

By Guest Writer | Management

10 Keys to Managing Your Mental Health When Starting a Business 

Imagine a situation where you have no defined work hours, an unspecified job description that entails your role to be intertwined with all the workings of the company and there is no definite stipulated return on investment. Your ambition is your only driving force and the eventual notion of satisfaction of creating something out of […]


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