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How a Serviced Office Impacts Your Business

Guangzhou Serviced Office and other similar offices offer something better than most conventional offices that companies and other individuals have been accustomed to for several years now. There are certain aspects of a serviced office which traditional offices cannot give to businessmen, mobile workers, home based entrepreneurs, and frequent traveller business people. In this era […]

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What To Look For When Leasing Office Spaces

If you are in the market for leasing a corporate office space for your business, you might not know what a good price or lease is, what should be included automatically and what you should expect to pay up front.  Here is a table that you will find helpful when trying to figure out all […]

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Office Partitioning in the Modern Workplace

It is quite a stereotypical and clichéd view we Brits have of the American workplace where workers are tucked away in individual cubicles within an office, as opposed to the more popular open plan style offices we tend to favor on this side of the Atlantic. However in truth these types of offices are far […]

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