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18 Statistics That Prove Personal Branding Is Necessary

Personal branding is not just a buzz word anymore. It’s a necessity. Differentiating yourself from everyone else who provides similar services is a need more than a want. In my personal branding workshops, the most common question I get is – why should I invest in personal branding? Why not in product branding? Let me […]

By The Editor | Most Popular

Do You Need To Market Yourself Along With Your Business Marketing Plan?

You may have a Business Marketing Plan, but do you have a Personal Marketing Plan? How does your market perceive your business?  How does your market perceive you?  How would you like them to perceive your business, and you? What are you doing about it? Keep in mind that your market is what makes your […]

By Bob Urichuck | Marketing

Stop Looking Like Everybody Else. Brand Yourself!

A mid-sized business in the Washington D.C. area branded itself as the Project Management Company. The truth is that hundreds of companies within 25 miles of the Nation’s Capital routinely provide project management services to government agencies, many of them as effectively and at lower cost. But this company clearly communicated to customers and employees […]

By Richard G. Stieglitz | Marketing

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