The five Ws in Restaurant Standard Operating Procedures

Restaurant Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) should be available to staff for them to provide and maintain high quality products and services to customers. An effective SOP should have a direction and structure encompassing the five “W’s”: a)      WHO will perform the task? b)      WHAT reference or materials should they use? c)      WHERE the task will […]

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Manage Your Employees Better With Policies and Procedures

As your small business grows and more employees are hired, it becomes increasingly critical that your organizational policies and procedures are clearly defined and communicated.  Without policies and procedures it is difficult for new employees to understand your organization’s culture, expectations and requirements. New employees need to know their specific roles and responsibilities, as well […]

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Build Your Business On Procedures NOT Superstars

If you have traveled domestically or internationally, you’ve probably noticed that McDonalds’ hamburgers are the same everywhere. It’s not an accident. Senior managers at each franchise are required to participate in training at the corporate facility known as “Hamburger University.” In addition, McDonald’s has written procedures for every facet of its operation. What’s more, because […]

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