Latest Ecommerce Trends to Boost Your Revenue in 2021

Contents Ecommerce Post-COVID 19 Living in the Future: Time to Gear Up Mobile Commerce PWAs Voice Commerce Improved Payment Processing The Future is Social Media More Personalization, Less Conversion The Green Consumer Power to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Augmented Reality Experiencing Omnichannel   Ecommerce Post-COVID 19 If it wasn’t a factor with the most impact on […]

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How to Optimize Use of Your Restaurant POS

Often, restaurant owners take restaurant point of sale (POS) systems for a cash register or a tool that only accepts payments. However, having this attitude toward POS limits efficiency and growth. If used to its full potential, a top-tier POS system can transform a restaurant and drive its success.   A reliable POS system facilitates everything […]

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Marketing Funnel: A System to Generate Leads and Convert them into Sales

The most common question I get is “How do I increase sales for my business?” The question most people should be asking is “How do I create a system or a marketing funnel that generates leads, nurtures them and converts them into sales?” I believe most businesses go through these primary stages. Stage 1: Life […]

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How To Create A Constructive Marketing Strategy That Works For You

Marketing is all about telling the world a story, and the art lies in making the customer the hero of your story. Everyone is not your customer. It is you who creates customers for your business. Marketing is the most important function of a business. It keeps the company moving ahead. In this competitive market, the customer is […]

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5 Online Marketing Channels

If you’re new to the world of online marketing, you’re probably missing out on a number of lucrative avenues that could seriously affect your level of success. While some people think building a website and paying for lots of advertising is the way forward, in my own experience, this isn’t usually the case. In fact, […]

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Sales Techniques to Build a Strong Sales Team

Creating sales techniques where salespeople work together are more important than you think. Offering incentives to your highest sellers is a good practice, but when the competition becomes so intense that employees begin working against each other, it can become detrimental to the business. Here are a few tips you can implement that will help […]

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Savings from point of sale technology

Businesses of any size seek ways to streamline processes to save both time and money. For those in retail sales, technology has made it possible to sell all types of products and services from all types of locations, including stores, websites and from anywhere that a business has an Internet connection, whether the connection is […]

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5 Ways to Create a Stellar Inbound Marketing Plan

Inbound marketing allows you to build and distribute valuable content that enables new customers to find out about your business. For start-ups and small businesses, this might be exactly what you need if you’re working within a tight budget or are short on time. If you are getting ready to launch a business or are […]

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