Savings from point of sale technology

Businesses of any size seek ways to streamline processes to save both time and money. For those in retail sales, technology has made it possible to sell all types of products and services from all types of locations, including stores, websites and from anywhere that a business has an Internet connection, whether the connection is […]

By admin | Technology

5 Ways A Startup Can Save Money on Company Cars

Whether your company involves one company car or a fleet of vehicles, you’ll want to find the best deal. A lot of dealers reward loyalty. If they know you’ll keep coming back to them for your company vehicles, they’re more likely to make you a good deal. Whether you’re buying or leasing, you’ll want to […]

By admin | Sales

How To Save Money Around The Office?

In most offices, petty expenses can add up to large amounts by end of the year if they are not handled properly.  Generally, it is the expenses on the equipments, accessories, which though counted as ‘petty’, eat up major portion of money. Find below some useful ways to cut costs around the office. What comes […]

By admin | Operations

How To Get Ahead With Your Savings Whilst You’re Still Young!

Being young can be difficult, especially financially. With various student loans or other financial commitments, it can be hard to keep any money to yourself. Yet, if you take the time to plan ahead, you can easily and effectively get a good start on your savings whilst for the future.   Become Financially Knowledgeable. First of […]


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