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Signs Your Marketing Strategy Needs a Major Overhaul

Creating a marketing strategy in the 21st century is a tricky business. Gone are the simplistic days when a marketing team had a limited number of communication channels to choose from. The advent of online marketing, in particular, has introduced a slew of new marketing options for large and small businesses alike, from website optimization […]

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How to Choose a Pricing Strategy for your Small Business

A pricing strategy is a model that a business uses to value its goods and services. It is a part of marketing and sales strategy, and greatly influences the performance and success of a business’s products in the market. Having a proper pricing strategy is the difference between increasing market share and slowly losing it. […]

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5 Quick Tips for Small Businesses to Turn Profitable

The single most aim for any small business is to win more customers. The more the people rely on you and your offerings, the more market presence you will have. Building a strong customer base takes time, and that’s why as a small business owner you’d want to see rising sales figures month over month. […]

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7 Tips for Starting a Small Business

There are plenty of reasons starting a small business is worth your consideration: solving consumer needs, being your own boss, pursuing a passion. The list goes on. However, for every pro, there seems to a corresponding con which leaves room for reasonable doubt. Small business owners are hit with a multitude of challenges and obstacles […]

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How small business has an edge over large enterprises?

What is the single most important advantage that small business has over large enterprises? It is that they have nothing to lose! As Subroto Bagchi notes in his book, the Elephant Catchers, nothing to lose is a great mental asset. This very attitude allows newcomers to take risks and defy logic. The audacity of not playing […]

By Pavan Soni | Management

How To Choose The Best Cardboard Boxes For Your Small Business Packaging?

Think Inside the Box The boxes in which you supply your product might well seem like something of an added extra, but the presentation of your business should never be taken for granted. Poor quality packaging will make your company look cheap, and boxes which don’t properly protect your precious products could leave you with […]

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How to Register a Small Business in Australia?

Starting a small business can be the start of a lifelong dream, and you should do everything in your power to make that dream a reality. However, when you’re just starting out, you’re likely up to your ears in debt. With the Internet and the ability to download appropriate legal forms and documents from a […]

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5 Payment Solutions for Your Small Business

When it comes to satisfying customers and keeping revenues high, the key is to offer simple, convenient payment solutions to encourage sales. Read on for five must-haves for accepting payments at your business with ease. A Smartphone A smartphone is vital not only from a payment perspective, but also from an efficiency perspective. Smartphones make […]

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