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Dos And Don’ts For Building Your Brand’s Social Media Personality

These days, almost every company is active on social media, small businesses and big corporations alike. If a company does not have any social media profiles, then it’s safe to say they’re missing out on a massive marketing opportunity. Most (smart) companies maintain a presence on all the most popular social sites including Facebook, Myspace, […]

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How to Leverage Social Media for Business Growth?

No longer do small businesses and start-ups have to rely on pricey advertising campaigns to effectively market their products. These days, building an online community of loyal customers is easier than ever. Social media allows entrepreneurs and business owners to promote a brand, interact with customers, and improve the business model to appease the consumer […]

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4 Things You Should Do to Improve the Online Presence of Your Business

The world has a replica online and whatever happens there affects the real world as well. This is not just a statement but a reality in our technologically driven world. Everything is internet, which is why the online image and presence of your product is as important as the real one. It is one resource […]

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Facebook Strategies For Better Results

Facebook is not the only company looking to monetize its community – companies are in the thick of strategizing on how to best use their social network to make more money. While companies like GM may have doubts on the efficacy of Facebook’s ad campaigns for lead generation citing that people don’t click advertisements, a […]

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Social Media To Social Business

What is a brand and how do we build its ‘personality’? Consider looking at your brand (no, not just the logo, color or design) as a person, an extension of you. What do you promise yourself, what do you stand for; who do you associate with and what are the things that make you great, […]

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How to Choose the Right Social Media Consultant for Your Business

With the strong emergence of social media in the internet marketing world, every Tom, Dick and Harry has come out saying they are social media experts. They are feeding on the desires of entrepreneurs who do not have time to dedicate to developing their social media presence effectively. If you do not ask the right […]

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5 Steps To Grow Your Business On Twitter

Think that twitter is for the birds? If so you’re missing out on a powerful social marketing media tool. Any entrepreneur seeking to expand their business presence should be tweeting on a daily basis. Twitter is a no frills platform. No extensive profile to be filled out, no pictures to upload and no bells or […]

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Top 3 Gurus Who Can Help You Leverage Your Social Media Efforts

The last time, I had a seminar in Mumbai, India, an older gentleman who seemed to be over 50 years old asked me how do I get to know about facebook and other social media. At the time, I was presenting a seminar on entrepreneurship and not social media marketing. So now, I decided to […]

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