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How to Create a Social Recruiting Strategy

Over the past decade, the recruitment process of job applicants has undergone several changes. Businesses have adapted to growing their labor force in an industry that’s becoming more competitive. As a result, there’s increasing competition for the best job candidates, causing a lot of recruitment firms and HR departments to adopt social recruiting strategies. The […]

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The Most Essential Social Skills to Master

‘If you just communicate, you can get by; but if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles.’ No human can ever survive without communicating. Even when there’s nothing being said or heard, communication takes place. In every walk of life, we communicate with other people, express our feelings and thoughts, and develop relationships as we […]

By Shweta Sharma | Most Popular

How to increase engagement at public talks?

For the seasoned public speaker, it can be difficult coming up with new wants to get people interested in what it is you have to say. You can be the most charismatic speaker in the world, but some topics are naturally dry and difficult to spin in a way that people will be able to […]

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