Six Creative Ways to Manage PDF Documents

The portable document format (PDF) is the most popular file format for sharing documents across the web. However, the portability of PDFs has its price: it is difficult to modify them once they have been created. The good news is that there are workarounds that you can explore to get rid of these limitations when […]

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4 Key Features of Marketing Automation Software That Can Give Your Business an Edge

Marketing automation is a buzzword that has become quite popular especially with businesses that have an online presence. It simply refers to a programmed software platform that allows the marketing departments of companies to automate certain repetitive tasks. This includes turning sales leads and prospects into satisfied customers. According to statistics from Pardot, 76% of […]

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5 Tips for Choosing Construction Management Software

The decision to take a partial stake of your construction management systems and automate them can be a big jump. Tradition construction management, generally lead by a project management team, is constructed of a series of departments cohesively delivering individual services to a greater and successful outcome.  Finding the appropriate software package to suit the […]

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Product Review: Topyx Learning Management Software

Interactyx launched Topyx learning management software in the year 2009. It has been awarded as the best social e-learning software for two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010. Topyx is a ready to use software (SaaS solution) and is completely web based. The best thing about this app is that it blends traditional LMS functions […]

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Information Technology as a Modern Tool For Development

In this modern age, Information Technology is considered to be an indispensable tool that people of all ages and levels need in their everyday life. Indeed, IT has brought forth a major change in the world and the people that live in it. For one thing, Information Technology has changed the way that people look […]

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How to Choose the Right Translation Software for Your Business

With Internet bringing countries countries closer than ever before, interacting with foreign clients and delegates who speak different languages has become a necessity for many small businesses. But translation costs can be sky high. So what chances does a small business have in such a scenario? Does this mean that a small business cannot even […]

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Open source softwares for e-commerce websites

Setting up an ecommerce website is easier than ever before with several viable open source options available in the market. Each one of these solutions have their own set of advantages and disadvantages; all developed keeping varied users in mind. The following is a list of five open source softwares for e-commerce websites: Magento This […]

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