5 Ways to Successfully Speak at Your Next Presentation

An organization’s leader or CEO has to address in team meetings or a conference in front of an immense audience. Are you comfortable with public speaking and delivering your speech and message flawlessly? Either we do this adequately or wrongly, but the way we present ourselves strongly impacts what people think about us. Great speakers […]

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10 Habits That Will Help You Make Your Business More Profitable

Successful entrepreneurs know the importance of the right habits. Our behavior, and therefore our productivity, to a large extent, depend on our daily habits. Habits influence our overall pace of life, priorities, and schedule, helping us to succeed, or leading us to failures. The power of habits is easy to see in all areas of […]

By Guest Writer | Productivity

Practical Ways to Advance Your Career in Business

The business sector is a vibrant hub for widely diverse career options. In the U.S, the commercial industry employs millions of people all across the country. There are many lucrative and highly rewarding career opportunities in the business world, whether you choose to go for the employment option or venture out on your own. All this is […]


Book review: Whole Business Thinking

Robert S. Block’s book “Whole Business Thinking” is one of the best business books to read this year. Finally, there is a book that explains business finance and ways that executives, managers, and small business owners can understand them. Easy to download and read, this book is remaking the roles of executives and corporate officers […]

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Making Your Dream Event in New York a Success

Nothing is more rewarding than bringing out your “A game” and having a perfect event that will leave a lasting impression. From corporate events, to informal parties and any other kinds of events, the answer to getting a perfect result is getting the perfect help. Event planning companies offer their clients a chance to simply […]

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How to Improve Your Customer Service?

It’s not selling a product or service that keeps a business alive and thriving but when the customers come back for more. Many businesses commit the fatal mistake of underestimating the power of a happy customer base and pay heavily. If you want to grow as a business and capture a larger market share, you […]

By Brenda Lyttle | Sales

Wi-Fi and your business

People access the internet everyday. They use it to catch up on the latest news, to connect with friends, to shop, to check emails and to apply for jobs. There isn’t much you can’t do online and because of this people want access to the internet wherever they go. Even those minutes underground on the train can […]

By admin | Technology

The Importance of Competitive Intelligence

Research is a key element at any stage of company growth and while this is common knowledge, it’s something that also requires focus and strategy. Competitive intelligence means not only gathering company data on your corner of the market, but also analyzing information about competitors and target customers and applying the findings to your own […]

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