Investing in Tech: Why Shopify Is a Smart Bet for Long-Term Growth

Investing in technology has become increasingly popular in recent years, with tech stocks offering some of the highest potential for long-term growth. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult for investors to know which companies to bet on. One company that has emerged as a standout in the tech industry is Shopify. […]

By mpeshev | Technology

How Shopify is Revolutionizing the E-commerce Industry

The world of e-commerce has grown rapidly in recent years, and with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many businesses to shift their operations online, it has become more important than ever to have a strong online presence. One platform that has been leading the way in the e-commerce industry is Shopify. From its inception in 2006, […]

By mpeshev | Sales

4 Steps to Success: The Ultimate Guide to UX Networking 

Whether you like it or not, one of the cornerstones of getting into UX design is networking. Through networking, you’ll be able to form bonds and connections that will last you a lifetime and propel your career forward faster than you’d ever imagined. Of course, we know that networking can be scary. Some people just […]

By Guest Writer | Business Networking

Building Thought Leadership From Scratch

With millions of brands online and even more content, it can be challenging to stand out. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an excellent way to get your brand out in front of the right audience and give your content a chance to be found and clicked. A lot goes into SEO, but link building is […]

By Guest Writer | Leadership

10 SEO Tools You Need to Achieve Success From Day One

If you are looking to get your business seen by more people, SEO tools can help. With over a billion websites on the internet today, you need to be sure you utilize every resource possible to get your company seen. A strong and effective marketing strategy will help your website become more popular and noticeable […]

By Guest Writer | Marketing

12 Great Lessons About Entrepreneurship That You Can Learn From Hiking

Hiking always comes with a lot of uncertainty. That’s because you are going on a road that is often less traveled. And what are the odds that you are traversing the trail for the first time?  Maybe you have done your research on routes, read guidebooks, or connected with other people who had been on […]

By Guest Writer | Entrepreneurship

7 Investment Tips for Small Business Owners

Handling any business is no easy feat. Building a business from scratch and maintaining it to be productive needs effort, determination, and perseverance. But what will happen if your capital is low? Since businesses are essentially financial in nature, you may wonder how you can handle your business with low capital. But don’t fret just […]

By Guest Writer | Business

5 Essential Tactics for Building a Lifestyle Business

A lifestyle business refers to a business you build up to cater to a certain lifestyle. Do not confuse lifestyle businesses with an advertisement that you might see on TV or the internet on, ‘how to make big cash with little investment. Don’t fall prey to such scams in an attempt to build a lifestyle […]

By Guest Writer | Sales

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