Executive Retention or Executive Search?

To retain or to retrench – that is the question many companies ask themselves as they consider their cost-cutting options during difficult times. Many are often entangled in dilemmic situations where maintaining staff strength poses as a heavy financial burden while retrenching staff can seriously erode staff morale. Executive retention or Executive search  are always the two choices […]

By admin | Human Resources

Taking a dip in the HR talent pool

With more fears of a double dip in the hr talent pool recession and debt still firmly at the forefront of European governments’ thinking, the marketplace is one of extreme caution and difficult trading conditions. Traditional management styles and skills seen over the past twenty years have focused on growth and development but, in this […]

By Stephen Baker | Human Resources

Looking for a Job Portal to Recruit Top Talent: Check out these

The success of a business depends a lot on the quality of its employees. Attracting and keeping quality employees is a massive challenge for most companies. Once a business decides that there is an open position, how do businesses go about promoting this position? Some companies use recruitment firms, but recruitment firms are expensive and […]

By admin | Human Resources

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