How NFT Marketplace Development Acing the Tech World

Blockchain is constantly emerging in this tech world these days. It is not limited to exchanging different currencies like Bitcoin. But it has put its feet into every industry, from health to the financial firm, to presenting several solutions to their complicated problems. NFT or Non-fungible tokens also belong to the blockchain category. Millions of […]

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Here’s How Tech Can Help You Become a Better Manager

A recent comment from a digital writer points out that the biggest challenge with employing technology to drive organizational transformation is that technology can change a lot faster than people do. “Science progresses exponentially,” using the example of Moore’s Law, which stipulates that “the number of transistors in dense integrated circuit doubles around every two […]

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help with Marketing

When thinking of artificial intelligence, the image of the Terminator or other Sci-Fi creations of the 90s isn’t the first thing to come into mind anymore. Especially in the digital marketing domain, artificial intelligence is different in many ways. Meaning you shouldn’t expect to use a robot that will take care of all your marketing […]

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Latest Ecommerce Trends to Boost Your Revenue in 2021

Contents Ecommerce Post-COVID 19 Living in the Future: Time to Gear Up Mobile Commerce PWAs Voice Commerce Improved Payment Processing The Future is Social Media More Personalization, Less Conversion The Green Consumer Power to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Augmented Reality Experiencing Omnichannel   Ecommerce Post-COVID 19 If it wasn’t a factor with the most impact on […]

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 How AI Is Changing the Trends of Digital Marketing

Currently, Artificial Intelligence, as a technology, has become the buzzword. Since its inception, it has made a significant impact on consumer products and how the brands interact with the customers. With the current situation of the pandemic in mind, the growth of AI in the field of digital marketing is enormous.  What Is AI? The […]

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Top 4 Technology Ideas for Small Businesses

Gone are those days when small businesses did not have the technology to compete with big businesses. Nowadays small businesses have the same technology and resources to compete with big businesses and that too globally. Can’t believe it? Then read on to know all that is available to you and that you must adopt if […]

By Brenda Lyttle | Technology

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