The Future of Call Centers: 14 Must-Know Statistics and Trends

For the last ten years, business process outsourcing (BPO) companies have sprouted in many countries. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing and popular industries, reaching revenues of up to billions of dollars.  The industry has created job opportunities for many developing countries, thereby contributing to their economies.  Most of these countries where BPO […]

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5 CRM Trends Driving Customer Experience

We function in a global economy that buys, sells, and communicates in multiple ways. The competition among businesses across industries is rife, and consumers are more vocal than ever about their buying experience. A dissatisfied customer typically tells 9-to-15 people about their poor shopping experience. Moreover, it just takes one bad instance for 32% of […]

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 How AI Is Changing the Trends of Digital Marketing

Currently, Artificial Intelligence, as a technology, has become the buzzword. Since its inception, it has made a significant impact on consumer products and how the brands interact with the customers. With the current situation of the pandemic in mind, the growth of AI in the field of digital marketing is enormous.  What Is AI? The […]

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Marketing Trends Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About

Marketing is a continuous business process; you don’t just promote your brand only once and be done with it; you have to continually cultivate your marketing efforts to reinforce your brand authority and presence. This inherent nature of marketing presents a problem to many entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers in keeping up with market trends […]

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Current Trends in Successful Property Advertising

Chances are you went into the real estate business to help others buy and sell property; not to hone in on your marketing skills.  Real estate agents require specialised skills and knowledge to do their jobs, and many times property advertising is not their strong point.  However, marketing is a very important part of the […]

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