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The Life We Were Meant To Live

Human beings were never meant to live a stressed life. They were meant to live free… From migraine to wheezing to even heart conditions, they are all directly or indirectly symptoms of an overburdened life. Work related stress is increasing drastically among the current generation and if they don’t take action soon, it could turn […]


Secrets To Enjoy Work

Life is meant to be enjoyed. We dream of fun times and want to make the best use of those opportunities, and once it’s done, we look back at those amazing memories and wish we could go back in time because holidays act as stress busters. But, do you know you can enjoy work too? […]

By John Giftah | Management

Work Life Balance! Work, Family, Kids. Let’s Get It Right

Get more work done in less time so you can spend more time with yourself and your family. For many working people, their entire day is chaos. The kids, clients, emails, phone calls, deadlines, bills to pay, meetings to attend and family obligations, achieving a work-life balance can get really overwhelming. There are people who […]

By The Editor | Productivity

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