Office Partitioning in the Modern Workplace

It is quite a stereotypical and clichéd view we Brits have of the American workplace where workers are tucked away in individual cubicles within an office, as opposed to the more popular open plan style offices we tend to favor on this side of the Atlantic. However in truth these types of offices are far […]

By admin | Operations

Prevention of noise pollution in the workplace

Noise problems in the workplace have become a serious issue nowadays because they affect employee productivity in many ways. Prevention of noise pollution can be a bit complicated because they originate from environmental sources like transportation links, generators, and bystanders, among others. Those who really want to soundproof office space and improve the overall working […]

By admin | Human Resources

Steps to Avoid Time Theft in the Workplace

What is time theft? It is when an employee willfully wastes the time for which they are getting paid to work – in other words, accepting pay for work they are not actually doing. There are various forms and degrees of workplace time theft, and sometimes employees may not even be aware that they are […]

By Adelaide Irene | Most Popular

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